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Why do industries use way covers?

by Nathan Zachary

There are certain situations in which the workers should remain in the close possibilities of moving parts and have threats regarding the safety and health of the workers. In coordination with government safety regulations, the machine parts need to be safeguarded to minimize injuries.

This is why way covers are required in machine industries. The way covers are designed to protect the machines as well as the workers. The way covers are also known as protective covers, bellows covers, Machine Enclosure and CNC bellows.

 Available styles of way covers

There are countless manufacturers of way covers. The best you can do is to choose the right way manufacturer. You can find a wide range of flexible cover designs. The flexible cover designs can flex, roll up, bend, and have unrestricted movement through a wide range of motions. 

You can find protective covers in different types and materials. There are fabric, metal, and polymer-based way covers according to the requirements and applications. Some of the most common types of way covers are as follows.

Fabric bellows

  • The most flexible
  • High adaptability to smooth gliding applications and high speeds
  • Available in different sizes and shapes
  • Different materials, such as coated aramid fibers, thermoplastic, elastomer-coated fabrics

Industrial fabric rollups

  • Capable of high speeds operations
  • Different material options are available
  • Ideal for travel paths
  • Space obstructions

Gorplate bellows

  • Low profile options
  • Capable of high-speed operations
  • Well endure hot chips, and weld spatter

Aluminum rollups

  • A barrier against oils, coolants, and hot chips
  • Constructed with linked extrusions

Gordillo Bellows

  • An attached steel shield 
  • Protect against liquid and abrasives
  • Low-profile alternative to telescopic covers

Metal rollups

  • Build with steel band material
  • Suitable for wide span and longer travels
  • Heavy-duty steel body

Steel telescopic covers

  • Can be replaced when needed
  • Refurbished
  • Protect against coolants, chemicals, abrasives, and dropped tools

What are the factors to consider when choosing protective covers?

You need to tell the protective cover manufacturer about the applications and requirements regarding the way cover. You need to consider a few factors in choosing a protective cover for your machine. These factors are as follows.

  • Orientation of the cover travel that can be roof cover, ceiling cover, frontal or cross rail, vertical or horizontal cover
  • Load-support requirements, such as protection from dropped tools, heavy chip load, or walk-on surfaces for maintenance and inspection
  • Pressure and vacuum conditions
  • The speed, such as acceleration and velocity of the cover and cycle frequency
  • Exposure to environmental threats, such as weld spatter, coolant, acid, oils, and dust
  • Temperature conditions, such as nearby heat sources and ambient temperature

You need to consider these factors when getting way covers. This is how you are more likely to get the best way covers and Machine Enclosure for your machines. 

The final words

The above-mentioned points are the most important things to know about protective bellows covers. You need to purchase the best bellows covers from the right manufacturers. This is how you can have better protection for your machines.

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