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Why Does MetabolismSlow Down?

by Nathan Zachary

Keeping the metabolism high is a crucial part of healthy life. However, due to various common mistakes, the pace of the metabolism reduces. If these mistakes occur daily then it will be hard to lose weight. And, even sometimes, make you more prone to gain weight in future.

Here is a list of the mistakes that are responsible for reducing metabolism pace:

  1. Eating Less Calories 

When your diet contains less calories, it can cause a major decrease in metabolism. Although a calorie deficit is required for weight loss, it can negatively impact the calorie intake to drop very low. It will be chaotic when you dramatically lower the calorie intake. And, the body senses that food which is scarce and lowers the rate at which it burns calories. According to a study, consuming less than 1,000 calories per day can have a significant impact on the metabolic rate.

  1. Skipping Protein Intake 

Consuming enough protein is extremely important for achieving and maintaining heavyweight. Apart from that, to feel full, enough protein can help to significantly increase the rate at which the body burns calories.

The increase in metabolism occurs after digestion which is called the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). The Thermic effect of protein is much higher compared to carbs and fat. According to studies, eating protein temporarily increases the metabolism by about 20% to 30% percent. Though, the metabolic rate inevitably slows during weight loss. And continues to be slower during weight maintenance, experts suggest that, higher protein intake can easily minimize this effect. 

  1. Stalled Lifestyle Cold Decreases the Metabolism Process 

People who spend their time sitting more than standing will experience a decrease in the number of calories. Sitting maximum time hurts the metabolic rate and overall health. Working out or playing sports can have a major impact on the number of calories that you burn. Sometimes, basic physical activities like standing up, cleaning, and taking the stairs can help you to burn calories. These types of activities are possible to do without devoting time to intense exercise and they can burn up to 2,000 calories per day. Working while standing at a desk also helps to reduce calories and this is what people should do to maintain the pace of the metabolism process.

  1. Less Quality Sleep 

There is no doubt that sleeping is one of the most automatic processes that our bodies use to restore themselves. Enough sleep can reduce the number of diseases in the body and this is why it is always a great thing to have enough sleep which is always a great thing to maintain the pace of metabolism.

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