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Why Hiring Full-stack Developers Makes More Sense for MVP Development

Why Hiring Full-stack Developers Makes More Sense for MVP Development

by Nathan Zachary

Do you actually have a plan but are unsure if it will work or not? You don’t take the chance because you fear failure, is that correct? The Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is actually the first draft or blueprint of any project’s development. In layman’s terms, we can say that when you build a house, you first lay the foundation stone, which creates the framework for the part of the building that determines its robustness and edifice. Similar to that, the MVP establishes the groundwork for your project’s development and enables you to assess whether or not the app has the potential to be successful. When developing an application, the developer often incorporates only the most important features that are used by investors. This enables users to put applications into action and obtain crucial client feedback to determine whether they can shape your idea to take the right form.

Full Stack Developer: A Brief Overview

The most straightforward definition of a full stack developer is an all-arounder who is knowledgeable on the majority of the technologies needed to build a complete product. This has the capability to make the entire product functional on their own and can work both on the front end and the back end. The key functions required to construct an app are typically combined when we talk about full stack developers. To accomplish the work, you can choose a single developer or a full stack developer, depending entirely on the project’s requirements.

A full-stack developer is frequently referred to as a “Jack of All Trades” who only excels in a select few. They are sufficiently knowledgeable with the majority of the programming languages and technologies they utilize to create mobile applications. These specialists are known as T-shaped professionals in the mobile app market since they are all-arounders in the current economic climate. The sole reason full stack developers are in higher demand than traditional developers is because they are skilled in a variety of software and programming languages in addition to front end and back-end development.

Full Stack Developer: Their Duties

The development of the MVP project can be effectively managed by full stack engineers, who handle all parts of development from conceptualization through delivery. Three layers, which are described below, make up the primary duties of a full stack developer:

  • Layer of presentation

In a web development company, full stack developers need technical abilities like CSS, JS, and HTML. These key competencies are crucial for the creation and design of the user interface, which makes up the product’s front end or presentation layer.

  • Layer of business logic

The front-end layer of the product or application is driven by this backend layer. On this business logic layer, the full stack web developer uses a server-side programming language to provide the logic for your software or application.

  • Layer of Database

Since the database is a key component of back-end programming, an experienced full stack developer must be comfortable working with both relational and non-relational databases. The non-relational database uses JSON format while the relational database uses tables to store data.

5 Reasons that Suggests that Full Stack Developer Should be Hired for MVP

The full stack developer is a skilled all-arounder, therefore they have extensive knowledge of the numerous areas pertaining to the development of apps. We’ve compiled the following top 5 justifications for hiring a full-stack developer to create an MVP:

  • Frequently Changing

Most significantly, the full stack developer must deal with both frontend and backend technologies that allow for quick switching between them. As a developer, you are more aware of the outcomes and the likely circumstances that might occur.

  • Easy to Upgrade and Maintain

Full-stack developers are more likely than domain-specific experts to be able to adjust and work together if your MVP requires an upgrade or new technology. Additionally, they will make sure of any modern developments in technology and trends that can be beneficial to the project.

  • Complete Answers to Issues

The fact that the core cause of the issue may be outside the scope of the domain-specific expert’s competence causes them to focus more on the solution than the problem itself. With a full stack developer, this is not the case because of their broad range of experience, which allows them to correctly identify the original problem.

  • Timely Completion of the Project

The main goal is to complete the assignment on time, whether they work as a team or alone. The majority of them like to assign different members of the team different tasks so that the work may be coordinated and produce the greatest results.

Wrapping It All Up…

We hope you now have a better understanding of what a full stack developer is, how to become one, and why one is necessary to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is highly advised to seek the assistance of a full stack web app development company if you have any start-up plans. You can get in touch with us at RG Infotech, a reputable provider of mobile app development services that also provides other tech solutions like creating e-commerce apps.

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