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Why IP Telephones are So Useful For Businesses

by Nathan Zachary

Communication has always been an irreplaceable part of all businesses. Whether it is the communication within or outside an organisation, there always is a requirement for a reliable communication channel. Telephone systems have always played and continued playing a crucial role in providing a robust platform for businesses communication. It is the possibility of having important conversations with a person on the other end that makes for effective communication.

Technological advancement in the telephone industry has provided businesses with superior quality communication options including IP phones. It is a technological milestone and many businesses have already reaped its advantages. If you are in the process of searching for a better way of integrating communication in your workplace, VoIP telephony for business can be your next step.

Let us help you understand more about IP phones and how are they useful in your business.

What is an IP telephone?

Unlike traditional landline phones, IP telephones work on a cloud-based server model and use an active internet connection to connect to the server. It works on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You can make and receive calls using any internet connection.

Using the internet rather than fixed cable lines helps IP telephone systems to avoid the maze of tangled cables across a workplace. Workplaces are more aesthetic without the heaps of cables running throughout them. Cybersecurity also helps make the calls secure as compared to traditional lines that were easily hackable.

What makes IP Telephone So Useful for Businesses?

IP telephones are better than traditional phone systems in more than one way. Let us have a look at the most prominent factors that make IP phones a smart communication option.

1. Ease of use

The use of internet protocols and being cloud-based might make IP telephone systems seem a complex set of hardware instruments in the beginning. But with use, you can realise that making and receiving calls over the IP phones is no different than traditional phones on the user’s part. All the encryption and digital transfer of the calls happen on the back end, which the user does not need to worry about.

IP phones can also be used with the help of software known as softphones. Applications can be downloaded on mobile phones or computers to communicate regardless of location barriers. This can also happen without sharing the original phone number if preferred. Any person can use this phone system with little or no experience of using the same.

2. Higher reliability

Traditional phone systems are infamous for throwing tantrums quite often than bearable. The endless loops of wires might even help you communicate only when held at a particular position. IP telephone systems help you wave goodbye to these time-consuming and costly glitches in communication.

Communicating over the internet means you are only dependent on an internet connection. And if even the internet is down, you are allowed to make calls using flexible call forwarding. Diverting calls to another handset that uses another internet connection will do the work. Call quality must not suffer due to any hurdles including hardware issues, weather conditions, power cuts, etc.

3. Easily scalable

In case you decide to scale up your organisation, traditional phones might give you nightmares when installing the new set-up. But with IP telephones, growth is just an easy and the next logical step. Adding more connections can be done without the many hassles of installing new phone lines.

You only need to contact your IP phone provider and they can help you add new employees to your online account, download the software on their computer systems or mobile phones as preferred, and that’s it. They can start making business calls right away.

4. Better affordability

One of the most important things to consider when you run a small or medium scale business is the budget. IP telephone systems can be easy on your accounts too. Compared to traditional phones that require dedicated and new hardware to start operating, IP phones have only two requirements: running internet (which you might already have) and a compatible telephone device (new or old).

In case your workplace doesn’t need many hardware telephone devices at the moment, your employees can easily communicate using softphones. Also, the maintenance costs are lower.

5. Increased customer satisfaction

Uninterrupted and reliable communication leaves your customers with a better communication experience and increases customer satisfaction. This is one way you demonstrate the reliability of your brand. Higher customer satisfaction can lead to higher customer retention and better growth.

Which IP telephone suits your business the best?

The choice of IP telephone in Australia must be based on your business requirements. IP telephone systems offer a wide range of functions and utilities which must be selected as per requirement and usage. Before selecting the right IP telephone system for your organisation, we recommend you carry out thorough market research and select the best option accordingly.

Some of the most important things you must consider when selecting the right IP telephone for your business in Australia may include (and are not limited to):

· Know your business communication requirements

· Conduct a thorough market research

· Narrow down a list of the most successful IP telephone system providers

· Contact them and consider their offers

· Keep in mind your budgetary constraints

· Analyse the options according to your future business scalability plans

· Look for active customer support throughout your subscription/use

The takeaway:

IP telephones are versatile and multipurpose. Their scalability and ease of access make them inseparable from being used for businesses of all sizes and industry types. If you are looking for a suitable IP telephone system for your organisation in Australia, contact your nearest communication experts today. They will be able to guide you more by considering your business requirements better.

Remember, better communication can catapult your business to success.

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