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Why Is It Difficult To Score 7 in IELTS Writing Task?

by Nathan Zachary
Why Is It Difficult To Score 7 in IELTS Writing Task?

IELTS Writing Task

Reading is one of the major modules of IELTS training for 9 bands. Many students think that marking well in writing is a phenomenal task. IELTs writing are one of the most delicate parts of the whole test. Writing should be precise and meaningful. Examiners always want to read your own words. But for writing your own word you should aware of IELTs English. For learning IELTS English many students prefer to watch English videos an all. But so many candidates take a smart move like joining IELTS coaching. So, let’s check why is it difficult to score 7 in IELTS writing task as you need to know before taking IELTS test.

But the main question is from where candidate starts should and how to know about the best IELTS preparation center. For this only overseas education consultants will help you. Many students hire consultants for study abroad journey. As, study abroad is not possible without consultants and IELTS coaching. So take your mentor help for this. Also, in the end of the article I will tell you in which city you should join IELTS coaching. Then you can choose as per your choice which would the best option for you.

The writer module is different from other modules. There are some reasons that we need to understand.

IELTS Writing Task Parts

First, the write module has a typical format. This is a one hour activity which is divided into 2 tasks.

Writing Task 1 in IELTS: 3 bands 20 Minutes (150 – 180 words)

  • General Training – Letter Writing
  • Academic Training: Report Writing

Writing Task 2 in IELTS: Essay Writing for GT & AT

  • 6 bands 40 Minutes
  • (250 – 280 words)

When performing these tasks, candidates do not get the options. The test wants your viewpoint in your own words. You are not supposed to copy the questions into the answers, but you should paraphrase them. If the candidates copy the questions, they will not get the tapes for it. Along with this, IELTS wants your answers not to be mugged in the books. In short, it requires your natural thoughts.

Second, the read module has 4 parameters to verify write tasks.

Completion of task/response:

This parameter verifies the completion of the questions asked and you have covered all the points related to the tasks as well as it verifies the word count. If the words are undercounted, there will be a penalty.

Cohesion & Consistency:

This is the second parameter to verify write jobs. Cohesion and coherence concern the grammatical and logical sequence of tasks. It looks for paragraphs, cohesive devices, and semantic connectivity of text like beginning, middle and end.

Lexical Resources:

He understands vocabulary. The examiner checks for a wide range of vocabulary, new words, word repetition and misspellings, etc. If there are misspellings and repetition of words, the tapes will be cut off.

Scope and Accuracy of Grammar:

This is the last but important parameter. Many candidates write their assignments grammatically incorrectly. Punctuation, tenses, voice, modal verbs and sentence types are checked in this setting.

On the written exam, candidates are expected to follow these metrics to achieve dream band scores.

Third, nowadays people write less and type more. Nearly 80% of candidates choose the paper-and-pencil test and few choose the computer-based test. People who opt for the paper-and-pencil test face problems when writing the tasks. The reason for this is that the candidates have fewer training sessions and no proper assessment of their tasks.

Fourth, connecting your ideas appropriately is the biggest challenge. Many candidates face this problem.

Finally, good handwriting is a plus, but very few people have these skills these days. Although you won’t lose your notes for bad handwriting, it should be legible.

To sum up, IELTS writing was an important module for the test. The four assessment metrics guide you to get your desired band score in your writing test. As, study abroad is not possible without consultants and IELTS coaching. So take your mentorship from IELTS coaching in Agra for best guidance help for this. Agra is very famous for IELTS preparation.

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