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Why is Microsoft Topics an Ideal Platform for Your Team?

by Nathan Zachary
Viva Topics

Viva Topics is one of four modules in Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform in Microsoft 365 that enables people and teams to perform at their highest levels from wherever they work. In addition to that, Viva combines communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights into one employee experience that fits effortlessly into everyday apps like Microsoft Teams.

Finding an expert, grasping company acronyms, or exposing the knowledge you require can all be time-consuming. Especially if you’re a new employee or working remotely. According to our findings, people spend the equivalent of seven weeks every year searching for or recreating information.

Viva Topics helps you to leverage your organization’s knowledge and link people to it in the apps they use every day. Consider Viva Topics to be a Wikipedia with AI capabilities for your company. Moreover, it employs artificial intelligence to arrange company-wide knowledge and expertise into relevant categories such as; “projects,” “products,” “processes,” and “customers.” Microsoft Viva Topics is an ideal platform for your team and we are going to tell you exactly why we think that is. 

Microsoft Topics: Where Knowledge Finds You

Hiring is a tedious task. Training and passing on your expertise to your employees are even more tedious. It takes away your strength and attention from Simply hovering over any abbreviation or unknown topic. You don’t need to look for knowledge because it will find you. 

When users are utilizing Microsoft Teams, Office, SharePoint, or other software, Viva Topics immediately surfaces subject cards on the screen. Employees who click on a card, land on a topic page containing relevant documents, videos, and individuals. The company’s experts can contribute to the curation of the content displayed in Viva Topics by sharing their expertise through Topic Pages; which are straightforward and highly configurable websites.

Viva Topics leverages integrations created by partners like Accenture, Avanade, BA Insight, and ClearPeople and reveals content from the Microsoft Cloud. In addition to information from other services like ServiceNow and Salesforce.

What Advantages Does Viva Topics Offer Your Team?

Microsoft Viva Topics employs artificial intelligence to connect, preserve, and manage knowledge across the company. Additionally, it makes information easier to follow and find by allowing employees with knowledge and experience to improve skills and accelerate learning, connecting, and innovating.

Many teams have long struggled with knowledge management. Microsoft has addressed this issue with Viva Topics, a fantastic employee experience platform built on Microsoft 365. Traditionally, companies relied on subject matter specialists for meticulous content collection, curation, and administration. Therefore, Viva Topics launched an AI engine to empower employees by creating and recommending topics of interest based on corporate data.

Consider Topics an AI-powered Wiki for your company that enables employees to effortlessly explore and curate knowledgeable information within your firm.

Direct transmission of knowledge

Managers can control the flow of knowledge by curating and amending content on Topic Pages. In addition to customizing material, choosing recommended experts, and filtering topics to fit their needs. Moreover, they can utilize engagement statistics to gain important information about what topics are popular with their team and modify content.

Saving time

Your team doesn’t have to waste time switching between different browsers and apps to access conversations and information. Especially, since Viva Topics flawlessly integrates into your Microsoft 365 environment. This enables you to devote more time to worthwhile activities like education, growth, and teamwork.

Adapting the content to your needs

One of the key benefits of Viva Topics is the ability to customize content. By manually generating Topic Cards and Topic Pages that AI technology augments, you may curate your own Viva Topics experience. You’ll be able to draw attention to; fresh connections and resources, recommend team members and oversee issues that have been mined and added for correctness and relevancy.

Content enhanced by AI

With Viva Topics, human curation and AI collaborate harmoniously to give users a richer experience. Topic pages are improved using AI, which also produces more personalized information for you. The pooled knowledge and information of your team is organized and safeguarded using AI technology.

Recommended learning programs

Viva Topics promotes a collaborative learning ecosystem that supports shared knowledge. The Topics Center in the Topics app gives Microsoft Teams employees access to suggested learning courses. Moreover, learning programs are suggested based on the subjects that employees already follow, producing more specialized resources and unique learning materials.

Experts in the field

Through Viva Topics, subject matter experts can quickly share their knowledge and curate it. Through the MS Teams’ Topics app, staff members can effortlessly interact with subject matter experts, ask them questions, and get answers. To conserve priceless institutional information, these can be kept and distributed to the rest of the organization.


We are all aware of the positive effects that happy, healthy workers who have a feeling of ownership, purpose, and belonging have on our organizations. Microsoft dedicates itself to empowering the entirety of our team. Whether they are on-site, out in the field, at home, or on the road. Moreover, you can start the process of developing a totally new employee experience tailored for the digital era with the aid of Viva Topics.

Furthermore, the goal of the topics is to make it simpler and more natural for everyone to remain connected, acquire knowledge, learn on the job, and use privacy-protected insights. Thus, allowing people to prioritize their well-being, empowering managers to lead more effectively, and assisting leaders in promoting better decision-making throughout their teams.

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