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Why My Disposable Is Not Functioning? Troubleshooting Disposable Vapes.

by Nathan Zachary
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Disposable vape has taken the vaping world by storm. These devices’ popularity and use are increasing in developed and developing countries. From America to Europe to Asia, the trend of disposables has reached everywhere. And why should it not get this much attention? After all, it offers more benefits than any other smoking choice. That too in just a few dollars. It carries not only a superior and tasty flavor but also a straightforward approach to vaping. It is small, lightweight, and designed to fit every atmosphere easily. Glide it in your pocket or place it on a shelf. It looks equally mesmerizing.

The best part about disposable kits is that they are ready to use. You will not have to wait for the device setup before enjoying the flavor. The way to disposable vape bars is not complex. Just pick your favorite one and vape it straight out of the packet. And no, you do not have to find buttons to activate and chargers to charge the disposable sticks. They come prefilled with various flavors from the company. The liquid and charging run out once you reach the maximum puff count. The count of vapes draws upon what brand you are buying. A cheap vape device comes with a limited thousand draws per e-cig. An average vape may offer 1500 to 2000 puffs per bar. At the same time, a premium quality electronic disposable cigarette will be packed with 2500 to 5200 gusts. It all depends on your pocket range and a brand label. 

After purchasing a disposable device kit, you can start inhaling after removing the silicone stoppers. However, there can be a few cases ( very few) where your device is malfunctioning. There can be a lot of simple as well as complex factors behind this. However, the main reasons why your disposable is not working correctly are:

  • Battery problems
  • Empty e-juice inside
  • Airflow blockage

Let us dive deeper into all such issues to help you explain more about them.

Why is my disposable not working well?

We have outlined the most common faults that can lead to a painful disposable Vaping experience. These problems are rare to spot but still exist in some instances. Following are the few causes of a failed disposable device.

  1. Charging problem– dead battery 

The battery is the most crucial component inside a disposable. It powers the whole engine so that you can enjoy flavorful clouds. How strong or weak will be the throat hit is also decided by battery power. A lot of technicalities lie here.

In the case of disposables, many brands insert cheap batteries as they are one-time-use devices. Most of the time, they are comparatively smaller than in regular vapes. The range in disposable e-bars is usually around 500 to 550 mAh. In rare examples, the battery of your vaporizer is entirely dead. Your device usually signals the empty power by no light, no smoke, and no draws whatsoever. When the light is not flashing, it is time to pull another vape from the kit. And no, you cannot recharge the battery of disposable e-cigarettes because they are single-use.

  1. Empty bar: no e-juice

We know it sounds odd to regular vape users who can refill their tanks with e-juice. But unfortunately, it is familiar with disposables. If you are not tasting any flavor while puffing, your e-liquid has run out. Sometimes you may not get the taste because of the absence of nicotine salt inside the juice. This can be a manufacturing defect or company negligence in a few cases.

  1. Airflow blockage

Usually, the base of the kit contains an airflow vent on it. This could face blockage due to some reasons. Try to fix the issue by:

  • Try taking a puff while blocking the airflow hole. Block it by placing your finger tightly on the opening.
  • Another suggested way is to try blowing lightly into the disposable vape.
  • Check to see if there is any waste blocking the flow of air.

Key Takeaways 

We have provided a summary of disposable vaping in our blog post. We hope you have some ideas to experiment with your favorite device. Thus, the journey of delivering some critical points about the device ends here.

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