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Why the Level of Education in USA is Dropping

by Nathan Zachary

For a long time, America has been known as one of the biggest centers of higher Level of Education in USA. No matter what you wanted to study, you were likely going to find an institution that offered it within driving distance of your home. But there’s been something of an unexpected change in this over the past couple decades or so, and though it may not seem like much at first, it’s actually something that’s troubling our country from top to bottom.

The high cost of college

College tuition prices have been on the rise for decades, but it seems like we’re finally reaching a breaking point. Tuition and fees at colleges and universities increased by 538% from 1982 to 2013, while median family income only increased by 147%. Level of Education in USA means that families have had to borrow more money, withdraw more savings or take out loans to cover the cost of college.

If this trend continues, two-thirds of all students will be unable to afford a private college without taking on significant debt. That’s why institutions are trying new strategies to reduce the burden of tuition costs. Some schools are enrolling international students who can’t attend school elsewhere; these schools charge less because they don’t need English language support services.

Others have started online degree programs where students can study anywhere and pay lower per-credit rates (around $1,000). And still others offer free tuition for low-income students if they agree to work 10 hours per week on campus (this strategy is known as Pay It Forward).

The Burden of student loans

One of the factors that has caused a drop in the quality of education is that students are burdened with student loans. In order to attend college, students need to take on debt and will be paying off their student loan debt for many years. Students who graduate from college are burdened with $1 trillion dollars worth of debt.

There are many reasons as to why people might decide not to pursue an advanced degree including having full-time jobs and families, but one reason may be because they can’t afford it because they have too much student loan debt. It is also possible that students don’t feel like there is any point in attending college when they can make just as much money without going to school or worse than if they went to school by attending trade schools or vocational schools.

The goal of higher Level of Education in USA is to equip students with skills so that they can get better jobs and earn more money over time. A lot of times this doesn’t happen anymore because the cost of college tuition rises every year and wages stagnate meaning students aren’t getting a better return on investment for investing in their future through higher education.

The decreasing quality of education

The quality ofLevel of Education in USA has been on a steady decline for decades. The number of people who graduate from high school, go to college and graduate from college has decreased over time. College degree holders are also under-employed, which means they can’t find jobs that require a degree.
Education opportunities have always been available for those who want to pursue them. But many Americans are not as interested anymore because they don’t see the point: why should they bother with schooling when it’s hard to get a job?
The number of people participating in higher Level of Education in USA has gone down, and fewer students are graduating than ever before. It’s not worth it to take out student loans if there aren’t any jobs or careers waiting at the end. 83% say the country needs stricter limits on how much parents spend on their child’s education each year.

The competition from other countries

The majority of these problems come down to money – without funds, there can be no staff or students. For example, American schools are not able to afford the best teachers anymore. Some teachers even have to share a classroom with two other classes during breaks because they cannot afford their own classrooms. In addition, many schools don’t have enough equipment and supplies for their students and libraries are severely lacking books and e-books.

There is also an issue with overcrowding as well as lack of transportation for students that may need it outside of walking distance (especially those who are disabled). All these factors combined result in an increase in dropout rates which only perpetuates the cycle where fewer people graduate from high school and continue on to college because they cannot afford it after being stuck in poverty all their lives.

I really hope the US decides to put more money into educating its population so that future generations will live better lives than we do now.

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