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Why tree removal services are needed?

by Nathan Zachary

You may believe that you need to get your tree removed if you see that it is wilting or losing branches. Tree removal is the ultimate resort for arborists. You should make every effort to keep your tree alive, but there are times when tree removal is the only option. If you’d like to know about tree removal services be sure to visit Trav’s Trees.

Tree removal services are typically required for the following reasons:

Possibility of Harm

This is a major issue if a tree is situated near your house. Catastrophic damage to your home or neighbouring property, such as automobiles, pools, garages, etc., could happen from this tree’s damage, sickness, or huge limbs that are structurally unstable. Depending on the severity of the sickness or damage, tree removal services may be able to nurture your tree back to health by removing unhealthy or dying branches. A tree this close to your house poses a greater risk to your property, so you may decide it’s better to cut it down rather than try to rescue it.

Too Big 

Likewise, if trees are planted too closely together or if any one tree grows too big, there may not be enough food for the forest as a whole. A tree that has grown too large for its environment may compete for resources with other trees, especially those of a lesser size. Without first determining whether or not the region can accommodate the tree’s eventual size, it would be foolish to plant the tree there. There isn’t enough area for this tree to survive, and there aren’t enough nutrients to go around, but their poor placement also poses a threat to the building’s integrity.

Threat to Underground Structures

Roots from nearby trees can rot away at foundations and cause serious problems above and below ground, compromising the safety of your home. Over time, the roots of a tree or plant spread out beneath the ground. Too close of planting could cause damage to your home’s underpinning or other nearby buildings like a driveway or patio. Furthermore, limbs that are too long might rip your siding and roof off.

Mildew Development 

Shade from trees is great during the warmer months. However, the moisture of the ground or buildings below it is a continual downside of permanent shade. Mildew and rotting of the wood could develop over time if this tree is shadowing a deck or porch. Due to the lack of sunlight, portions of your lawn may die, and mold may start to grow on your roof if this shadowing and moisture buildup continues. In these instances, tree trimming might not be sufficient, and it could be best to have the tree removed.


Sometimes, as a homeowner, you may desire to get rid of a tree for nothing more than aesthetic reasons. Massive trees, while stunning in their own right, may sometimes be an eyesore when they tower over a house or other structure. It may not be symmetrical, have an appealing appearance, or be easy to control. You could also be sick of the upkeep that comes with raking leaves.

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