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Why you Need Headlight Restoration?

by Nathan Zachary

If you’ve owned your vehicle for several years, it is likely your headlights aren’t as straightforward as they once were. While they may be unsightly, you probably believe the fogginess is a cosmetic issue. It, however, is simply untrue, as cloudy headlights can impair your ability to see clearly during nighttime driving and may subsequently lead to a traffic accident. 

If your headlights aren’t as straightforward as they once were, don’t avoid addressing the problem one day longer. Invest in headlight restoration to see just how quickly you can bring your lights affordably back to like new condition.

The Why Behind Headlight Deterioration

Headlights are comprised of rugged, durable plastic, known as polycarbonate plastic. This encasement safely houses the lightbulbs that make your headlights function. The biggest downfall of this plastic is that over time the protective outer layer wears off due to exposure, leaving the porous plastic underneath vulnerable to deterioration. This process is known as oxidation. Pair this normal deterioration with other scratches and bumps your lights experience. Before you know it, your headlights are dim, cloudy, and discolored.

The Dangers of Foggy Headlights

The concept is simple, if your headlights are foggy, the light from the interior bulb will not be able to penetrate outward fully. It results in limited visibility during poor weather conditions and nighttime driving. It dramatically increases your risk of being involved in an accident since you cannot see quickly or thoroughly when a sudden stop is necessary.

Other Reasons to Address Foggy Headlights

In addition to the dangers of limited visibility, foggy headlights are unsightly. 

If you take pride in your vehicle’s appearance, cloudy headlights can make your car look old and unattractive. 

They can even reduce your trade-in value when you resell the car.

You may be tempted just to let the problem go, assuming that you will have to replace your headlights which have a reputation for being costly. Don’t put yourself at risk another day; there are options. 

Headlight restoration is a quick, easy, and affordable way to address this issue without breaking your budget.

How Does It Work?

The process is quite simple. The deteriorated headlight is removed, and the cloudy film is buffed off. 

The light is then cleaned and shined. 

To prevent oxidation from quickly occurring again, a protective layer is placed on the restored light.  

The new protective layer protects your light from harmful UV rays and ensures it lasts longer. The light is then reinstalled and will function for years to come.  

The best part of headlight restoration is it is a comprehensive fix. Your headlights will be as clear, bright, and functional as the day your vehicle left the dealer lot. With the new layer of protection, you can expect your lights to last and perform as well as brand-new lights. The bonus is you get all these great benefits for a fraction of the replacement cost. With this affordable, effective solution, what are you waiting for? Have your headlights restored today! Visit Superior Auto Image for headlight restoration in denver.

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