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Women and their bodies: Hatred we need to explore and expose

by Nathan Zachary

Appearance has become important over the years, but it is especially prudent when it comes to women. Take Anne Hathaway for example; her name dredges up thoughts pertaining to her looks, her style, her figure, her body size.

This exact thinking pattern is part of the problem. No one, or very few and very rare people, think about her accomplishments otherwise. She went to Vassar, NYU, has been actively working on several social causes, survivor of depression, but none of these accomplishments are comparable to the discussions about her looks.

At the end of the way, we are a society that fixates on the appearance of the females. Of course, men might face the same pressure at times, but they do so disproportionately.

Women are forced into looking a certain way, often thin yet mysteriously curvy. They need to have the perfect hair, the perfect skin, the perfect bosom, and only then are they considered valuable, which is why an overwhelming majority of women suffer from depression, eating disorders and similar problems that then merit treatment from a

Psychiatrist in Islamabad.

Reasons for the hate

It is important to first recognize the avenues that make women think that they must look a certain way.


Media has to be the biggest culprit for women being constantly dissatisfied with their looks.

For years, a very specific image of women has been circulating, and labeled as the only desirable form of image. Skinny figures is the celebrated, and any form that veers away from this image is undesirable.

Whether it be lauding the skinny or shaming the fat women, the media has made it clear to all the audience how women must be thin.


Our culture also has to play a role in women hating their body. When premium is being put on the way a woman looks, when she is valued only for her appearance, when women who look a certain way are only complimented and celebrated, then naturally, there will be a huge subset of women who end up hating their bodies.

Peers, family, and friends

Our relationships also play an important role in how we perceive ourselves. Women may also then be made to feel inadequate by their own relationships.

Family and friends making jokes and taunts at body size are considered a norm. Peers, their jabs, and their pressure can then make it worse for them.

How to fight this phenomenon?

The issue of body image and self-hatred, especially in women, is rather complex. There is no one shoe fits all approach that can undo the damage that has been done to the female identity over the decades.

However, there are steps that you can take to mitigate the impact of these oppressive notions that deprive women of the right to love their bodies.

Call out the diet culture

While you cannot hurt the industries benefiting from and perpetuating the notion of being skinny as beautiful all on your own, you can take steps to not benefit them.

Don’t buy such products, register your protest, raise awareness amongst your social circle about the harmful impact of such mindsets.

End your biases

You need to take steps at changing your biases about a certain body type. Fight the biases against being fat.


Start to love yourself. It won’t come easy, it won’t come naturally, but overtime, you will internalize this notion. Small and consistent efforts to love yourself will pay off in some time. And you will celebrate your body as you should!

Talk to an expert

For in some cases, the damage done is graver. Women in such cases suffer from more complex issues like eating disorders, thoughts of self-harm, which then require intervention from a

psychiatrist. If you or someone around you is experiencing such a problem, expert

help is imperative for them.

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