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10 Quick Tips for WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin

by Nathan Zachary
Quick Tips for WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin

A form builder is a need for every WordPress site. Contact forms help you whether you need visitors to up your newsletter or a survey to check the user experience. WordPress gravity forms plugin is a go-to form builder, and we will discuss this form builder here.

What is the WordPress Gravity Forms Plugin?

It is a premium plugin powered by WordPress that enables you to create various forms to upload on your WP site. With Gravity Forms, it is easy to insert quizzes, contact forms, and surveys in any WordPress site with ease.

Gravity Forms are preferred for various features, such as conditional formatting. Conditional formatting automatically hides or displays specific questions based on customers’ answers to the latest questions and routing, redirecting from submission to the email address identified in the form submission content.

Why Gravity Forms Plugin

WordPress has a large number of free form plugins. However, the free plugins offer basic and restricted functionalities. Premium form plugins, such as WordPress Gravity Forms plugin, give you much more flexibility when customizing and managing the data you collect from submitted forms.  

Top 10 Tricks for WordPress Gravity Forms

1- Create Forms with Style

In simple words, the Gravity Forms plugin appears cleaner on a WP website. Additionally, it offers a simple-to-use email notification design while the user interface is more precise than other free plugins for contact forms. Gravity Forms makes creating forms a simple and elegant process.

2- Seamlessly Export and Record Entries 

You can export entries from WordPress Gravity Forms as a CSV file and Gravity Forms keeps them in your database. After that, you can open a CSV file with a spreadsheet tool such as Excel. Gravity Forms allows your customer to keep track of form replies over an extended period.

3- Easy Routing of Notifications

Sometimes a large-scale organization will request that email notifications be sent to various recipients based on the data provided in the form when you are developing a form for them. WordPress Gravity Forms steps in here to save the day. With Gravity Forms, sending notification emails to multiple recipients is simple.

For instance, if a person named James chooses “Volunteering” in the “I’m interested in” field, the notification will go to James.

4- Customize Form with Conditional Logic

Conditional logic, often known as “skip” logic, is a technique for adjusting the form according to the responses received. For instance, if a respondent chooses “76K+” in the “Annual Income” section, Question 2 will either be displayed or hidden.

Although WordPress Gravity Forms might use some enhancement in how it handles conditional logic, simple conditional logic requirements can be met with ease.

5- Accept Payments with Ease

In addition to having a full range of Pricing Fields, Gravity Forms can now interface with PayPal. It provides the opportunity to have multiple goods with different options. Also, shipping is calculated.

Then, PayPal is integrated.

Gravity Forms can manage, for instance, selling a book with varied price points for the hardcover and paperback editions.

6- Design and Insert Forms

The majority of clients don’t like to learn how to code. The user interface for Gravity Forms is based on ‘point and click.’ It’s easy to insert the forms into articles or pages. No need for code; insert the form by selecting the Gravity Forms icon.

7- Conversion Data

Gravity Forms can still be better in this area. However, you can do so if you need a form to convert essential information.

This modest amount of reporting should persuade any clients who insist on requesting excessive information in their lead forms despite your warnings of low conversion.

8- You Get Data Formatted 

Do you require the format XXX-XXX-XXXX for your phone numbers? Do you prefer a specific manner for date fields to be displayed? What about the details of the address?

Converting the data formatted in the manner mentioned above is possible through Gravity Forms.

9- Create Multi-page Forms

You won’t discover a free plugin that can create multi-page forms with a status bar at the top. With the help of Gravity Forms, you can quickly add page breaks to the form, each with its own headlines, etc. 

10- Upload User-generated Content

Gravity forms help you to create a form that can populate a WordPress post. You can submit the body of the post, pick the Post Category, and upload an image.

Wrap Up

Forms are crucial to consider when developing your WordPress website to earn the trust of your users. To ensure that your data collecting is seamless and enjoyable for consumers, it is worth the investment in a high-quality plugin. WordPress Gravity Forms plugin is a top-quality form builder worth adding to your collection of WordPress plugins as a website designer or digital marketer

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