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How To Find WPS PIN On Hp Printer To Establish Wireless Connection?

by Nathan Zachary

A WPS pin is a secret code generated by printers for the wireless connection of printers with routers. Generally speaking; WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup containing an 8-digit code. This new feature is creating an impact on printer setup with quick connectivity assurance and low chances of connection failure. To know more about WPS PIN, consider being stick with the entire blog made on this.

Gone are the days when USB was the primary connector tool to establish a connection between two or more devices. But now, it is replaced with a WPS pin to establish a connection with different gadgets in no time. The service is quick, safe, and long-lasting when compared to the USB connection method.

Mostly, the WPS technology is used by hp printers to have a stable connection with other compatible devices. For instance, while connecting with Windows 10, a WPS pin is needed for a durable connection with a quickly recognizable approach.

What is WPS Pin?

As mentioned, the WPS Pin is an encrypted code that is generated with the mutual connection of two devices. It is a connection key between your router and the hp printer, especially. The connectivity becomes strong with this and others find it difficult to crack or invade.

The hp printer, one of the giant printer manufacturers uses this method to maintain a trustworthy connection with a Wi-Fi connection without having the tension of entering a long and complicated password. Just two ways are there to be used to connect with your printers. The method is defined later in the post. Hence, be with the flow.

Where to find WPS for HP Printer?

The position of WPS might be different for different devices that you are using. With some printers, it can be found in the control panel under the setting menu. While with some others like hp printer, it could be found on the front screen. If it’s not found on the outer screen, you can go ahead with the setting and then find Wi-Fi or network option. There, you will find your WPS pin.

However, mostly the WPS pin for hp printer will be on the screen. For instance, HP Laser Jet, HP Envy 4520, and HP Officejet 4650 are printers having a screen on the top showing your newly generated pin every time you connect any device with it. So there is no need to find it anywhere else. Just see it and get your device connected.

Two Types of WPS Connection for HP Printer

Overall, there are two main methods that come forward when we talk about setting up hp printers to any other device using WPS.

  • Using Push Button (for non-screen printers)
  • Using WPS Pin (for screen-based printers)

Establish hp printer connection using Push Button

  • If the push button is there, follow the below steps to be connected to your hp printer:
  • Next, you will see a blue light blinking.
  • Next, move to the “WiFi Protected Setup” option and go through the instructions that are given there on the screen.
  • Then after, press the “WPS Button”. And, the printer will automatically let you know to click the WPS button for the wireless router.
  • Once WPS is pressed on the router, you need to come back to the printer and tap “Continue.”
  • This will ensure your connection is established and the printer is ready to use: print wirelessly.

Establish connection with WPS Pin

  • For a head start, you need to ON the printer. If it is already ON, make it Restart.
  • Secondly, move to the hp printer control panel and click Wireless Button.
  • By doing so, a blue light will start blinking.
  • Also, you will get the “WiFi Protected Setup” option.
  • Now on the printer screen, the “WiFi Protected Setup” option will appear. Then choose “WPS PIN“.
  • By doing so, a pin will be immersed in the HP printer.
  • Make it quick to use the generated code as it will only last 8-10 seconds.
  • On your computer screen, mention WPS pin on hp printer.
  • This will eventually link your printer to your windows 10 computer.

The WPS pin connect method is time-saving and has more security in-built. There could be any hp printer from HP ENVY 5000 Printer, HP Deskjet 2700 Printer, or HP Deskjet 4100 Printer to HP Envy 6400 Printer; all will be connected easily by following the steps that are described above.

WPS Pin for HP Deskjet 2700 Printer H2

  • Switch ON your HP Deskjet 2700 printer.
  • Then, put your thumb on the ‘Cancel’ and Wi-Fi buttons for 5 sec.
  • By waiting 5 seconds, it will reset your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Here, the Wi-Fi light will start flashing.
  • Now, tap & keep holding the Wi-Fi button for around 3 seconds.
  • Next, the HP Deskjet 2700 printer will produce a WPS pin page.
  • Take the pin and enter it into your computer to establish a connection.

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