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You can also replay your tutoring session if you need a refresher

by Nathan Zachary

However, it is always a great experience to meet your teachers face-to-face and physical learning is still the best mode of learning. In today’s world, online tutoring has become a common mode of learning mainly after the hit of the pandemic because before that it was not common at all for all tutors for online services. Now there are several online tutoring websites exists that have thousands of tutors with them and they are just one call away from us. The best thing about online tutoring is that the timings are very flexible and require less commitment of time as compared to physical learning.

These online tutors providing sites have very well-educated instructors holding professional degrees in hand. They also offer an interactive class environment with digital whiteboards collaborative text editing, and many other online teaching tools. Below we have discussed some of the ways to connect with reliable online tutors so let’s have a look.

1- Preply


Preply is one of the best online tutoring apps that will help you to connect with the best teachers online. It is an app for those students who want to learn and practice any new language. They can easily learn their desired language with its native speaker moreover it has tutors from all over the world who are fluent in different languages such as Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, and Urdu. You just need to know the prices of different tutors as they set their rates themselves. They have 49,000 online tutors with them, you can set your own time and enter the virtual classroom and enjoy structured learning with this app. All this is possible at reasonable and discounted prices by using Preply Kampanya Kodu.

2- eTutorWorld

This site of online tutoring calls its instructors mentors and not tutors. Etutorworld service allows you a personalized work plan for each of their student moreover the most important feature of this app is that they record all the sessions for review so you can easily revise your lesson whenever you want to. They also keep in touch regularly with the parents and they will also provide you with free and printable worksheets. Their pricing is set according to the session as they have set a particular amount for one session so, go for it and take help from this app easily and find your favorite tutor with it.

3- Tutor.com

Tutor.com offers tutoring in 250 subject areas for students ranging from kindergarten through college. You can easily have tutors from this app as they have a tutor available all day every day. You can also replay your tutoring session if you need a refresher. Along with the regular courses, tutor.com offers AP test preparation and tutoring for college entrance tests for students in high school. They also have a 24 hours essay writing assistance available to them so you can easily take help from that whenever you want help in writing an essay. There are different pricing packages for recurring tutoring sessions.

Online teaching has become an important part of the education industry over the years. Online learning has enabled teachers and students around the world to connect. During the pandemic, the only resource many people have is online training, which seems to be a popular and important skill to master today.

What is more important now is to continue learning. In this blog, you can learn more about how to start teaching online and what you need to do to make your online classes a success!

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