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YOU WANT to Get a Taiwan visa for Turkey country Peoples ?

by Nathan Zachary
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Are you traveling to Taiwan from Turkey? Do you know how to get a Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens? Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens can be obtained online as Turkey is one of those countries that are eligible for an Turkey Visa from Taiwan. This means you don’t need a consular visa to enter Taiwan.

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To obtain a Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens, you can take advantage of the unbeatable services of iVisa.com. With us, you just have to complete a few steps to get your document. You need to give essential details in an application form available on our website. Also, you need to choose the appropriate processing option depending on your travel plans to receive your document on time before your travel date.We will email your document, and you can print it to show at the airport.

To explore more about the Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens, you can read through the following questions and answers:Taiwan visa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens?

As Turkey falls under the category of those countries whose citizens can apply for an e-visa. Taiwan Visa for Turkish citizens is an electronic travel authorization document. There is no need to visit the embassy to get this document. To save your time and effort, you can contact iVisa.com and obtain your document in the most relaxed way from the comfort of your home.

For how long I can stay in the country with a Taiwan e-visa?

You can stay in the country with a Taiwan e-visa for a maximum duration of 30 Days. The maximum validity of this travel document is 90 Days or until your passport is valid.

You cannot use it for employment purposes.

Do I need to have certain items to initiate the application for a Taiwan e-visa?

Yes, you must have a few items to initiate the application for a e-visa:

  • A valid passport and its scanned copy to provide basic information
  • A valid email address to get your document online
  • Your favorite payment methods like or a debit/credit card to pay the processing fee

Can I get some information about the processing cost and time for the application for a Taiwan e-visa?

Yes, you can get certain information about the processing cost Turkey Visa from Dominica and time for the application for a Taiwan e-visa:

  • Standard Processing Option: Get your document in 7 Business Days at USD $28.49
  • Rush Processing Option: Obtain your document in 5 Business Days at USD $50.99
  • Super Rush Processing Option: Receive your document in 3 Business Days at USD $83.99

Is iVisa.com a reliable option?

Yes, iVisa.com is a reliable option as we guarantee you that your confidential data is safe with us.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, you can visit our website or contact our Customer Care agents.

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iVisa.com Recommends

Taiwan is a stunning country with lots of attractions to see and explore. You can pick a few depending on your interests and travel plans. You can take suggestions from the below description.

One of the most impressive and iconic buildings of Taiwan is Taipei 101 that is worth a visit. This building attracts a lot of tourists every year with its 728-ton massive damper, which is the reason that this building survives several earthquakes.

If you have an interest in learning about different artifacts and art pieces, you must plan a trip to the National Palace Museum. This museum houses a wide variety of Chinese imperial artifacts. To reach this amazing place, you have to take a train ride for a couple of hours.

Visit Taiwan and make it a memorable trip!

What to do After Receiving the eVisa?

After submitting the Turkish e visa application, you can expect to receive the visa within three business days if you opted for standard visa processing. You might receive it within 15 minutes if you chose the urgent processing option.

The Turkish visa will be sent via email. You should get it printed immediately, and keep one printed copy and one digital copy when traveling to Turkey.

  Vaccination Requirements:

Part of the eligibility criteria for Taiwanese citizens is providing health updates before traveling to Turkey. Every Taiwanese traveler must receive some vaccinations before going to Turkey. The applicant will have to answer several health-related questions in the visa application form, including information about the vaccines they have received. There are different categories of vaccines for foreign travelers. Here’s a breakdown of the types of vaccines and who will need them.

Routine Vaccines: Before any foreign trip, travelers must get updates on routine vaccinations. These vaccines include the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccines, the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine, the polio vaccine, and the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine.

Measles Vaccine: Every child aged between 6 and 11 months must receive one dose of the MMR (measles) vaccine. Children over 12-months of age must get two doses of the MMR vaccine with 28 days difference.

Rabies: This vaccine is recommended for travelers who will be indulging in outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, intend to work around animals, and children who might get in contact with animals.

Hepatitis A and B: Travelers are recommended to receive this vaccine to prevent themselves from catching Hepatitis A or B in Turkey. They may get it via consuming contaminated food or water while getting a tattoo or undergoing piercing.

Typhoid: If you intend to visit rural areas in Turkey, it is mandatory to receive typhoid vaccination.

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