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Your Business App Can Make Money without Ads! Here’s How…

by Nathan Zachary

Let’s just be clear with something over here.

You need an app to put your business out there. Then you need the same app to monetise it and gain some revenue in return. 

We can say that there is an option for ensuring that.

With that in mind, we keep flooding our apps with in-app advertisements.

Here is why they don’t work.

First of all, people do not like them.

Second of all, it is a strategy, in-app advertisement that is, which is not going to work as it has already been categorised as a less efficient tactic to monetise a brand.

And more than these, you cannot expect customers or users to be enthusiastic with the apps and click on them because they simply hate them and mark those advertisements as ‘interruptions’.

That is why a few apps like Spotify or YouTube has made their premium service with no advertisements.

It’s a smart idea, isn’t it?

How Monetising Your Band Gets Possible without In-app Advertisements.

You can monetise your application in numerous ways. One of them is definitely the fact that you look for moneymaking through it forgetting the in-app advertisements.

Your investment in app development using an unsecured loan for a start-up business should not go to waste by poor measures of monetisation, right?

Focusing too much on in-app advertisements can do that. You will lose time and won’t see revenues surging up.

With that being said, what are the ways we are looking at then?

We can take a look below:

  • Go the ‘Freemium’ Way

Well, this is a term businesses are using these days a lot.

You have to understand that they are very useful in many senses.

Making an app that is partly free and partly premium is one of the best strategies for monetising your services through the app.

You can do this in these two ways.

Make the app free party. It means you are allowing your application’s features to be sued but be limited to a point. Gaming apps are mostly free to play, but you can unlock new features such as new gaming modes once you have paid for them.

Now, it is time for you to make an app free for a particular time. For example, you can make an app which is free for a limited time period and then you can charge money from the users. You need to make that app an addictive app, though.

These are the two most used ways to go ‘freemium’ where you offer your customers the best of both worlds.

But there is another way to do this too.

  • Make a Free and a Paid Version

You can turn towards making a free app and then enhancing its qualities in the paid version.

Cinema FV-5 is an app that has tons of videography features.

But you get only 720 p video recordings to complete your jobs in the Cinema FV-5 Lite version.

To get that 1080 p resolution and even better functionalities, it is better to go for the app’s main version.

  • Go for Referral Programs 

You make an app which will help other apps reach customers.

It is as simple as that.

A referral program in an app where you make an application in the first place. This very application will help customers find or ‘be referred to other apps that they are in need of.

In this way, you are not only helping customers; you are also making a commercial expanse towards businesses.

That might come in useful for the future.

  • Why Don’t You Try White Labelling?

It is a simple process to monetise the app when you have been given a particular white label platform.

Using that platform, you can replicate other popular applications and offer the services to customers at a lower rate.

  • Use More than One Monetisation Strategies

Were not the ones as mentioned earlier enough?

Well, you can add all of them together to make a strategy that will work at its best.

What you can do is you can simply test which strategies work the best for your brand and then use that accordingly to gain good results.

To Conclude

To make money from an app, you must first make an app.

Get a super-fast guaranteed approval for bad credit loans with no guarantor and start developing the app today.

If you use the app monetisation strategies correctly, it is because revenue’s coming your way.

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