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YouTube Influencers That You Should Know About

by Nathan Zachary

YouTube has become the sensation of the 21st century. The craze of YouTube is increasing day by day. And in the coming future, it is going to be the best online streaming platform. Till now, there is no such competition for YouTube that gives a  prefix meaning five. Today, many people have found their way of earning through YouTube.

Talking in a wide sense, YouTube has made dreams come true for many people. Be it gamers, technical gurus, or movie or music lovers, no matter what you are, you can make your own personality on youtube. If the public likes the content that you post on YouTube, you become an influencer to them. So, if you want to know the examples of such influencers, here is the list.

Carry Minati

A normal boy like others became a sensation on YouTube with over 40 million subscribers. The original name of this person is Ajey Nagar. He is an Indian comedian and rapper. Earlier, he used to do a gaming comedy, and now his craze spread when he started making roasting videos.

Though he used abusive language in his videos, it was not taken as negative by the youth, instead, it was grasped as a comedy strategy by the public. This way, the Carry Minati channel got lots of subscribers, flooding comments and likes.

Kimberly Loaiza

She is from Mexico and has a very vast amount of subscribers on her channel. Kimberly Loaiza set the record of getting more than one lakh of subscribers in a single week of her joining. Kimberly Loaiza did not limit herself to this, later in the next five years, she reached 38 million subscribers.

Her videos are liked and shared by many people, and the average view that comes on her videos is approximately 15 million per month. She became much more popular through the tik-tok world. There too she has a separate fanbase. Kimberly is currently trending in the top 3 as a tik-tok and YouTube influencer in Mexico.

PewDiePie – Felix Arvid

This channel is considered to be one of the channels with the highest subscribers and highest view rates. Felix Arvid, a Swedish YouTuber, runs this channel and has now become the most watched youtube influencer. With over 120 million subscribers, Felix posts gaming review videos such as dream face reveal videos. He also does the comedic commentary of streaming games, which attracts various gamers from all across the world.

Ryan’s World

With approx 35 million subscribers, Ryan’s world is trending in the kid’s section. His original name is Ryan Kaji. He mainly posts content related to kids’ toys and posts educational videos. His channel is run by Ryan and his family. His videos are generally related to science experiments, toy unboxing, and shared animation videos. They also promote different toy brands and education products and kits on the channel.

Adrienne – Yoga Influencer

Adriene joined Youtube on August 30, 2012, and now she has gained more than 6 million subscribers on her channel. Who says, exercises and yoga do not have much craze? After the pandemic, the importance of exercise and yoga is known to everyone, and day by day people watch Adriene sharing new skills and yoga poses.

On every video, she gets approximately 600 views. She posts yoga videos for beginners and intermediate people. Adriene also challenges her viewers with various challenges.

Maria Clara And JP

They both are siblings that post content on a regular basis about their daily lives, games and different activities. They are Brazilian YouTubers. Nowadays, they post only two videos in a week which get 30 million views on average.

These are different YouTube influencers that you must know about if you are also a YouTuber addict.

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