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10 Recommendations for Sad Movie Titles That Make You Cry Worth

by Nathan Zachary
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Are you looking for a movie to watch this weekend? One of the recommended film genres is a film that can make you be carried away or a sad film. Especially if you like the type of film that drains your eyes, do not miss the list of recommendations for sad movie titles that make you cry and are worth watching.

1. Stand By Me (2018)

The first film title mentioned in this list is Stand By Me. Even though the movie is from 2018, this movie is still worth watching, it might even make you cry. Yes, this film from South Korea tells the story of the struggle of a grandfather, where he wants to make his two grandchildren happy.

This film can make us sad because the grandfather has to take care of his grandson even when he is suffering from an illness so that his life is not long. This is where the sad and sad story begins.

2. Wedding Dress (2010)

Still with the theme of family, this time the film Wedding Dress that aired in 2010 tells the story of a special relationship between a child and his mother. Here you will see how a mother has to take care of her child alone in the midst of a bad economic situation.

Until finally the mother did not have much time with the child because he was busy working and earning money. However, the story of emotion and sadness begins when the mother suffers from a serious illness so that she realizes not to waste time with her child.

3. Secret Superstar (2018)

Furthermore, there is a film title called Secret Superstar, which aired in 2018. This film tells the story of a girl’s struggle to achieve her dream of becoming a singer in order to change the fate of her family. However, this is not easy because there are many challenges that can make you cry throughout this film.

4. Fatherhood (2021)

You have to watch this film if you want to enjoy the heartwarming storyline about dad. Yes, this film tells the story of a father who has to take care of his baby alone.

His wife had died the day after giving birth to the child, so the father had to act as both father and mother. In fact, he was willing to join the association of these mothers.

5. The Theory of Everything (2014)

This film is a pity to miss because it is presented so nicely, which tells a sweet but also sad love story. The romantic relationship, which was initially fine, until the main character suffers from ALS which attacks the motor nerves. However, her lover still married her. This also considered as one of the best romance movies of all time.

6. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

In the same year, 2014, a good film was released with the title The Fault in Our Stars. This film is so emotionally draining because it tells the story of love and the journey of two teenagers who both suffer from cancer. This film is especially suitable for those of you who like romance films. Romantic and sad scenes can make people who watch it will surely shed tears.

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