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5 Life Hacks That You Should Know Sooner

by Nathan Zachary

It is undeniable that humans do have high creativity; they can come up with brilliant ideas to facilitate various jobs or fulfill needs. In fact, many of them are unique life hack ideas that make daily activities easier to try. You may be familiar with some of the interesting ideas that are now almost a habit for some people.

Do you know, what is a life hack? Well, life hack itself is a way of life or it can also be called a shortcut in the form of a new method or skill that is used to increase productivity in the community. This is also what many Indonesians do. Can you name an example of any life hack?

You probably will not find it hard to name one of them. Alternatively, maybe you have done these life hack tips? Well, there are many life hack ideas to add insight and help in solving everyday problems that you should know.

Yes, by implementing a life hack, your life will be easier. Take a look at some unique life hack ideas that make daily activities easier to try below, who knows, you can try one of them too. 

10 Unique Life Hack Ideas That Make Daily Activities Easy To Try

1. Cool the Room Using Ice Cubes

Is the room air too hot? Not having air conditioning and only using a fan is not enough to relieve the heat, so one of the life hack ideas you can try is to cool the room using a fan with additional ice cubes in front of it. How could that be?

Yes, the fan will help to circulate air to keep the room cool, now the ice cubes in front of it will blow the cold results from the ice so the room will feel cooler. Want to get colder, add ice cubes in a container and a fan in your room.

2. Clean Glasses with Toothpaste

Toothpaste turns out to have more uses than just its main function. It turns out that the use of toothpaste has been used to clean glasses. So instead of trying to find eyeglass cleaner, it is better to just use toothpaste so it’s cheaper, right?

How to use it is quite easy where you just apply toothpaste on the glasses then wipe with a soft cloth for about 30 seconds, then rinse with warm water. Instantly your glasses immediately clear.

3. Use Newspaper So Shoes Don’t Smell

If the shoes are not washed, it will take a long time to produce an unpleasant odor, right? This is why it is important that we need to wash our shoes. However, what if we don’t have time to wash our shoes? Don’t worry, there is a life hack idea that can really help, that is, by putting a newspaper in your shoes, this newspaper is able to get rid of the bad smell. Try it!

4. Zipper Likes to Drop Alone, Try Using a Keychain

A zipper that likes to go down on its own is annoying. Well, you can outsmart it by using an unused keychain. In particular, use plain circular key chains that are common. The trick is to just hook the keychain on the zipper and then hang it on the pants button. Done, embarrassing moments can be avoided with this clothing life hacks!

5. Use the rubber on the end of the hanger, so the clothes don’t fall

Clothes often fall because they don’t fit properly or because the fabric is too slippery. You may also have experienced it right? Well, there is one life hack to solve this problem that you can try, namely by using an ordinary rubber band tied to the two ends of the hanger. Thus the clothes you hang on the hanger will not fall.

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