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11 Tips To Select The Most Affordable Skip Hire

by Uneeb Khan

Are you searching for a cheap skip hire but do not know where to start? RMS Skip Hire has compiled a few tips that can reduce the price of your skip hire. All you need to do is follow these tips!

From house clearance to large construction waste, skip hire is an easy and convenient way to dispose of your garbage. Here are various ways to save money on skip hire and ensure the best deal for your waste removal.

Please read this blog to find out how you can reduce the price of your skip hire.

1. Choose the Right Skip Size

You may be tempted to have a small skip size to save money; it is not a good solution. You may run out of space if you hire a small-size skip without considering the quantity of your waste. It might also make you hire another skip with an added cost.

Choosing the right skip size will help you accommodate your waste correctly. The skip sizes range from a 2-yard mini skip to a 40-yard roll-on/roll-off container. If you have never hired a skip earlier, skip hire Bromley will help you select the correct size.

2. Recycle, Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

You’d be surprised to know how much room you can save in your skip simply by recycling or donating the items you do not want. It may reduce the skip size you require and hence, reduce the costs.

There are several ways you can recycle, donate or sell your belongings. Many recycling and donation options are available, and the local council is often the point of contact in the right direction; this is also your bit of saving the environment for your community.

Reducing the amount of waste will substantially save you expenses. You can sell your furniture on several websites. Use the household recycling bins as the local council will collect a range of products such as cardboard, tins, plastic bottles, containers, and green waste weekly. Using a recycling bin is another great way to reduce the overall cost of skip-hire.

3. Know the Weight of Your Waste

There is a weight restriction along with skip hire. It is essential to consider the weight of your waste. You may not be able to find an accurate weight for your waste, but it is necessary to convey an approximate weight to your skip-hire company. If the large skip is filled with heavy waste, it can become too heavy for the lorry to lift to take away. There are also legal restrictions on how much weight is allowed to carry. Filling up the skip more than the required weight may result in a penalty or extra charges.

4. Get Multiple Quotes

Opting for the cheapest skip hire company is unnecessary, but you should choose a reasonable quote to negotiate a better deal. Inquiring with multiple vendors before anyone books a skip is standard practice. Also, financial experts encourage consumers to receive more than one quote. Ideally, you should get three quotes of skip-hire companies to understand the skip-hire costs in your locality better.

Please ensure that quotes include all costs, charges, and taxes. Also, confirm if there are any hidden costs involved. It will help you ensure that all the quotes you have received are like-for-like.

5. Verify License and Insurance

A company that offers skip hire must carry an authorised and registered license. You can cross-check whether the skip hire company has a valid waste carrier’s license by checking the public register.

Insurance is an integral part of skip-hire as it ensures that you will be protected in case of an unforeseen event. Most skips hire companies to carry £5m Public Liability Insurance (PLI). However, it may vary from company to company. The easiest way to find out about PLI is to request a copy of it from your skip-hire company.

Choosing a company without a waste carrier license or insurance will result in many complications, and you may be liable for some extra costs for it.

6. Be Organised

To save time, organise any accumulated waste, so it is easy to throw it into the skip quickly. Being organised will also help you with additional savings. If your waste is ready to be thrown away, you can take advantage of a wait-and-load service, where the skip waits while you load the skip.

7. Book in Advance

Planning will help you to book your skip well in advance. We understand that work and home lives are busy, and it isn’t easy to know precisely when you will have time to start your clearances. But a little mindfulness in day-to-day life will help you plan. We recommend you book a skip at least two days before so it can be delivered on time. If you leave the skip booking until the last moment, you could pay more to your skip hire company.

8. Be Aware of Time Restrictions

Generally, skip companies allow you to keep the skip for two weeks. However, it can vary per the rules and regulations of your skip-hire company. It is always advisable to check the duration of the skip hire. Skip hire Bromley provides flexible skip services. We can accommodate your last-minute change efficiently.

On the contrary, if you are sure you will not need the skip for a more extended period, several options are available, such as wait and load service, where the driver will wait until the skip is filled. It usually has 30 minutes of waiting time. Also, same-day delivery will be convenient in these cases where the skip is delivered in the morning and collected in the evening.

9. Avoid Council Permit if Possible

Skip permit ranges from £20 to £100, so if you are searching for the cheapest skip hire company, you may choose to avoid a council permit. However, this is only possible if you place a skip on private property, such as your driveway or in your backyard.

Another way to save skip permit charges is not to keep the skip for an extended period. If you have accumulated your waste in one place, you can use the wait and load service, and it will not require a skip permit.

10. Do Not Overload

Overloading a skip is a common reason people get charged extra. It would be best not to load your waste higher than the side of the skip to ensure it is safe for the driver to go ahead. Your skip company has the right to charge you extra if you overload the skip beyond the level it has been mentioned in your quote. Some skip companies may ask you to take the excess waste off the skip to ensure it does not fall out.

11. Do Not Keep the Skip Driver Waiting

Please ensure the space where you plan to park the skip is empty and has enough space for the skip because if the driver has to wait until you make a room, your skip hire company may include waiting charges. Be present when they deliver the skip so that problems are resolved quickly.

Ask your neighbors in advance not to park outside your house so that skip can enter quickly, and always make arrangements in advance if you are living in a busy area.

The Final Tip

Always hire RMS Skip for flexible and convenient skip-hire services in South East London and West Kent. We will help you from selecting an appropriate skip size to dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way. Call us on +44 20 8131 0044 or visit us online to learn more about our services. Book your skip today!

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