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How To Choose The Right Life Partner

by Nathan Zachary
Life Partner

Imagine, how overwhelmingly important it is to choose the love of your life. Choosing your right life partner is fully in your control. It is difficult to make yourself entirely clear on how huge the decision-making is, when you are choosing the right life partner, you have to choose a lot of things. 

Choosing a partner means your parenting partner, your eating partner for about millions of meals, your traveling friend for about hundreds of vacations, your pleasure partner as well as your retirement companion. Your partner in crime partner as well as a career therapist, someone you can talk about everything without any boundaries and someone who can listen to you about trillion times.

Find someone who connects you daily, respects you, understands you. Find someone who has a similar interest. Do not rush into a false marriage. To know more about love you can search I love you forever quotes. Choosing the right life partner is your decision. Have patience and wait for the right time.

In the east, a relationship is mostly based on an arrange marriage, on the other hand, in the west, people tend to make it a personal choice. Both have their good and bad sides, but what matter in the end is that both partners make sure that the relationship grows and you live happily married together.

Men think differently than women. Both genders have different emotions and react differently to the same situation. This conflict leads to misunderstandings in a relationship.

Let’s have a look into the general factors why people end up not choosing the right life partner for themselves.

  • People are not sure about what they want from a relationship.
  • Make sure you don’t pick a person who looks fake or gets a lot of cosmetic procedures, imagine if they are faking their look, what about their heart?
  • Society plays an important role by giving terrible advice to the couple.
  • Society appreciates us to stay uneducated.
  • Society rushes us to marry at a certain age when the person is not mentally ready to be in a relationship.
  • Human biology is also a factor in the failure of a marriage.


Romance plays an important role to have a healthy relationship. It is a key ingredient in a happy marriage. But being an overly romantic person is a danger. 

An overly romantic person believes that I have found my soul mate and thus they stop questioning things when things are going wrong and end up having an unhappy marriage.


Fear is another factor in false marriage. If you are not confident when it comes to picking the right life partner, it affects your entire life. There are several types of fear. It can be the fear that our parents and friends inflict upon us, fear of being the last single friend, fear of being the elder sibling. Being cheated by someone can also be fear and the fear of settling down with the wrong person is yet another one.

These types of fear lead us to settle for not-so-great partnerships. Without thinking, people make rushed decisions and end up not choosing the right life partner.


You need a lot of guts for choosing the right life partner. The decision of choosing the right life partner is complicated, personal, and different for everyone. 

Other people’s opinions and preferences don’t matter, no matter how much they know someone. It is your decision and you have to think and observe things before choosing the right life partner.

Tip of having a healthy marriage

  • Don’t be selfish in your relationship. Do not think of your benefits.
  • Respect is a key ingredient to having a successful marriage. Both partners should respect each other.
  • Do not be bitter towards each other.
  • Do something that comforts you on regular basis. Hand out more, and do more fun things that make your bond stronger.
  • Giving a compliment to each other is also a healthy factor. Say some sweet words to each other, physical touches are also helpful. Appreciate each other on little things.
  • Be loyal and honest in your relationship. 
  • Always be grateful to each other.
  • If you have children, think of different ideas about parenting. Show respect towards your kids. If you will show respect towards each other, your children will respect you more.

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