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Nothing gives you a refreshed look like a fade does. Even though fades started in the military and have a simple, manly look, there are now many different ways to use fades to showcase your personality. Find the ideal fade for you; there’s a reason fades are common at barbershops all over the world.

1. Drop fade

Your hairstyle gains extra personality thanks to the drop fade. In this case, it will be a drop fade Afro haircut. Similar to box fade hair but a little different in the overall shape. 

Drop fade produces a striking “arc” effect when seen from the side. Any length of naturally curly hair pairs perfectly with the precise, curved line of a drop fade. But when worn with an Afro or twists, it looks really remarkable. For a new look, add a line-up or a shaved section.

If you want a haircut like this, yet your hair lacks length or volume, you can get it with hair systems or toppers. 100% Human hair gets curled or coiled with the kinky African effect.Shop high quality wholesale afro toupee from New Times Hair. 

2. Taper Fade

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Compared to other forms of fades, taper fades are more subdued. If you work as a barber, you can retain your client’s hair a little longer and gradually reduce it to the shortest length. 

For this, a taper fade tends to look more polished, timeless, and mature than other kinds of fade. Pair the adaptable taper fade with longer hairstyles like an Afro to add more structure and better frame your face.

3. Temp Fade

There’s a good reason why the temp fade is one of the most favored hairstyles for males. Temporary fades are sharp and fashionable, looking good with any face type and haircut.

If you want to update your hairstyle quickly and easily, look no further for a fresh spin on a vintage cut, temp fade dreadlocks, waves, an Afro, or even a mohawk.

4. High Fade

High Fade

A high fade is the most daring and eye-catching of traditional fade styles. High fades start high on your head, above your temples, and produce a clean, edgy, and manly effect. 

They are a terrific choice for men with round or square faces because they also lengthen your face. A flat top and a high fade are a contemporary spin on an ’80s staple. Dreads or Afro can also be shaped by using a high fade.

5. Low Fade

Low Fade

Some also call low fade nappy Afro taper fade. A low fade begins above your ears, fading to your neck. A low fade is a stylish, classy cut that is suitable for people seeking a more subtle appearance. 

A low fade is a good starting point if you’ve never tried one. Low fades, which provide subtle shape and structure, look fantastic with shorter hairstyles like cropped curls.

6. Mid Fade

35+ Fade Haircuts For Black Men: 2022 Trends

Mid fades (some call mid-burst fades) begin between a low fade and a temp fade and are referred to as an “all-arounder” cut. They typically have a higher contrast between the long and short parts of hair than other fade varieties, giving the appearance of a semi-undercut. Because of this, a mid fade looks fantastic with equally defined haircuts like a line-up or shaved part. Another practical approach to modernize a mohawk is to add a mid fade.

7. Bald Fade


A bald fade, or skin fade, tapers to entirely clean-shaven skin. It needs more maintenance than other fade styles, which means more visits to the barber to keep your hair looking crisp. 

The extra work is worthwhile, though. Bald fades are not only masculine, clean, contemporary, and well-groomed; they are also adaptable. A bald fade can be contrasted with short hair or paired with a longer style, such as an Afro or blowout.

8. Short Fade

High Skin Fade with Short Afro and Line Up – INSCMagazine

A short hair fade is suitable for those who prefer a simple, uncluttered appearance. A crew cut, buzz cut, or high-and-tight all have a similar appearance thanks to the short fade. A short fade works well if you want a style that doesn’t need any further styling to look decent because it has a masculine, military vibe. Slight fades must be maintained more frequently than extended ones to keep them clear and precise.

9. Skin Fade

7 Popular Low Fade Afro Hairstyles for 2022 – HairstyleCamp

A skin fade, also referred to as a bald fade, is a bold and eye-catching choice. Combining a skin fade with a shape-up is a fantastic choice for males with Afro-textured hair. Your features will appear more defined and clean-lined, especially your jawline and cheekbones. 

It’s a masculine appearance that doesn’t require a different style simultaneously. You might contrast a bald fade with a lengthier style, such as twists, to give it more structure and personality.

10. Afro Fade Haircut

Want to give your Afro a modern makeover? A fading might be added. 

If you do this, your hair will have more definition and structure and a more contemporary feel. 

Additionally, side-shortening haircuts flatter all facial shapes. Pair your natural Afro with a bald fade for a stunning appearance that lengthens your face; for a subtler form, consider a low fade.

11. Curly Fade Haircut

10 Classic Fade Haircuts for Black Men - Outsons

A perfect hairstyle for growing out your hair is a curly fade. The faded sides provide structure and definition in contrast with the curled top part. 

To reflect your unique style and personality, your barber can sculpt your hairline to blend with your curly fade. 

A straight line-up with curved sides is a common alternative that stands out from the crowd and seamlessly combines your hairline, fade, and beard.

12. Fade Haircut + Designs

15 Cool Taper Fade Designs to Revamp Your Look in 2022 – Hairstyle Camp

Hair designs are an excellent method to add your personality to your haircut and give it a distinctive look that will stand out from the crowd, in addition to the fact that they look sick. 

Fades complement hairstyles well because your barber may add depth and shadow using the gradient of the fade. The infinite possibilities range from basic geometric patterns to stars, leaves, and feathers.

13. Fade Haircut + Line Up 

Line Up Haircut: Define Your Style With Our 20 Unique Examples | Haircut  Inspiration

Try adding a line to your faded hairstyle to take it to the next level. 

The line is disjointed, similar to a razor parting that commands attention immediately. 

Ask your barber to position the line (or lines) to match the fade’s direction. For a standard fade, the line should be straight; however, a drop fade or burst fade appears best when the line is curved and follows the arc of the fade.

14. Mohawk Fade Haircut

Black Men's Mohawk Hairstyles - New Haircuts - DIY

Mohawks first rose in popularity in the 1970s during the punk movement. The more contemporary version of the cut adds a high fade for a more wearable hairstyle with all the attitude of the original Mohawk. 

Afro-textured hair has inherent volume and can stand tall without product, making it the ideal partner for a mohawk fade. So, if you’ve been debating the look, this is the time to commit.

15. Burst Fade

20+ Modern Burst Fade Mohawk Haircuts for Men - Men's Hairstyle Tips

The sides of the burst fade are rounded, just like the drop fade. On the other hand, a burst fade haircut’s line curves in a different arc, giving the impression that it is “bursting” out of the ear. 

Take your cues from football player Odell Beckham Jr. if you want to try out this daring and eye-catching style. He is one of the most well-known people who sport the mohawk burst fade.

16. Fade Haircut with Waves

Waves Haircuts: 8 New Styles For 2022 Plus How-To Tutorial

For black males, waves are a timeless hairdo trend. This adaptable aesthetic has a certain quality that never goes out of style and always commands attention. 

Yours should be worn with a high fade for a novel spin on waves. 

The hairstyle looks energetic and distinctive because of the contrast between the short sides and the wavy top part. The top half of the hair is waved while the sides are buzzed short, creating a look akin to the 180 waves haircut.

17. Boosie Fade Haircut

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The Boosie fade haircut, made popular by Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie, has a square shape based on a short Afro and a high skin fade. The cut stands out because of its ultra-clean fading and crisp geometric lines. 

The Boosie fade may be modified to fit most face types depending on how your barber cuts your hairline.

18. Undercut Fade Haircut

Compared to the same style on Asian or Caucasian hair, an undercut fade on Afro-textured hair seems slightly different, but the overall effect is the same. This haircut features extremely short sides that are offset by a longer top area in all variations. 

Dreads, twists, or braids create a stylish contrast with the fading sides, and a mid-fade is a wonderful option for replicating the detached appearance of a traditional undercut.

19. Frohawk Fade Haircut

33 Best Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The frohawk is positioned in the middle of an Afro and a mohawk. The jagged, volumized core area of a traditional mohawk is created using products, in contrast to the frohawk, which derives its height and shape from the inherent characteristics of Afro-textured hair. 

Typically, it is shorter and easier to wear than a traditional mohawk. 

Although you’ll still stand out for all the right reasons, adding a fade makes it more casual and adaptable for a variety of occasions. 

The frohawk fade haircut is a simple method to adopt the legendary mohawk hairstyle if you’ve always wanted to give it a shot.

20. Fade with Flat Top

90 Unbeatable Flat Top Haircuts for Men in 2022

The fade with a flat top, which is also known as a box fade, is the contemporary interpretation of this timeless ’80s and early ’90s hairstyle. 

A high skin fade adds a nice contrast and helps draw attention to the flat top’s vertical height. 

The cut is not for the timid because it is bold and might be more difficult to pull off than other fade hairstyles. That is a result of its distinctive atmosphere, which is both vintage and current.


How do black men fade their hair?

Afro-textured hair is faded slightly differently from Caucasian hair by barbers. In order to prevent causing irritation or ingrown hairs, they typically start from the bottom and cut upwards. In order to achieve a flawless blend, barbers will also add more “guidelines” to the hair by fading it into smaller parts with various guard combs attached to the clippers. 

Electric clippers work best for fading Afro-textured hair; it’s normally not advised to use scissors and a comb or a razor blade for skin-fading. 

These have the potential to irritate skin and destroy hairstyles.

What are the different fade haircuts?

There are many various kinds of fade haircuts, but the most popular ones include skin fades, sometimes called bald fades, drop fades, high fades, and temporary fades.

How do you fade an Afro?

Use electric clippers to fade an Afro, starting right at the bottom and working your way up. Eliminate along the first line where you want the fade to be the shortest; if the skin is fading, this is known as the “bald line,” and you should cleanly shave all the hair below it. 

It’s vital to avoid drawing the first guidelines too high and to make the fading symmetrical on both sides. Second, trim the next line approximately half an inch above the first with a number one open guard comb. 

Neaten the hair in this area, making sure it is once more even and symmetrical. With a number two guard comb, repeat the procedure, working your way up until your hair has faded into your Afro.

What does a fade haircut look like?

A fade haircut resembles a short-back-and-sides or high-and-tight haircut from the front. You can see the fade’s distinctive gradient effect from the side.

Are fades still in style in 2021?

Fade haircuts are always in style since they are neat and fresh. 

Due to the ongoing development of new versions, it is difficult to see them ever going out of style. They are still fashionable and popular today.

Shall I get a taper or a fade?

Depending on your own preferences, you should either get a taper or a fade. Compared to fades, tapers are more subtle and low maintenance. 

In contrast, fades have a tendency to be more noticeable, appear sharper, and feel more manly. Fades are also available in more imaginative versions so you can more fully express your sense of fashion and personality.
All fade cuts can be achieved by using toupees or hair toppers of 100% human hair, permed curls and coils and cut to the desired style. Click to shop a complete collection of man weave unit for wholesale.

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