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3 Best Ways to Design Keychains.

by Nathan Zachary
Design Keychains

Keeping many keys on track can be tricky, and you are always looking for ways to keep them from disappearing. One of the best ways to help is to make a keychain for each of your different keys. However there are several ideas on how to create a keychain, but you probably should know how to design a keychain. When you imagine or hold a keychain in your hand, it is very clear that it is small and easy to hold. It is the major thing you must remember when making your keychain. According to a good custom keychain maker, choosing simple images with vibrant colors and not too much text is the most important thing in making keychains.

Keychains are the world’s number one souvenir item. Whether they are made from metal, plastic, or any other material, it takes time, machine, and elbow grease to get them to prepare for your keyring. Making a beautiful custom keychain is a little bit tricky. You not only need to gather material but choosing a good design is also very crucial. This short guide will teach you the three best ways to design your keychains.

Choose Higher Resolution Images:

It is a general rule that the higher resolution images have better print quality. Therefore, you often see that just using a photo from your phone will look good when printed. Unless you had a shaky hand and blurring occurred, your phones are now great point-and-shoot cameras because they give such high-resolution images. On the other hand, if you get images from the internet, it is important to see how large they are. Keep in mind that the keychain is small, so the print is also small because this is not like blowing up an image to hang on your wall.

Therefore, it is better to check that the print size is not too small. A good custom keychain maker will alert you if you have chosen a small image to upload. Before even getting too far, you can filter the images you are searching for online. Various browsers will help you to search for small, medium, or large images.

Keep Things Simple and Choose Easy-To-Read Font Size:

When you imagine or hold a keychain in your hand, it is clear that it is not too big. Therefore, choosing a design when printed is not very big. It is the most important thing you must remember when making your image for a keychain. A good professional custom keychain maker suggests that always choosing simple images with beautiful colors and without too much text are the very important things that you need to keep in mind. However, if you want to have a more complicated design printed, you might want to change what you are printing it on.

Most people like to have a bit more fun and spend a good time searching for the perfect font when designing a keychain. It is a very good habit, especially when designing a keychain. Don’t forget that when choosing your font, choose something easy to read.

Sometimes the font looks amazing, but reading a text is very difficult. If you have to ask if it is an S or a G or whatever letter it is that might be confusing, then maybe it is much better to choose something else. However, if you like a font, but have confusion in mind whether it is readable or not, ask someone like a professional custom keychain maker to take a look without having them know what the text is beforehand. If there is any doubt in your mind, change your font because there are several fonts to choose from. Therefore, it is better not to get hung up on just one.

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Carefully Choose A Material:

There is no doubt that there is a variety of designs for keychains. There are also a variety of materials that you choose from. Plastic keychains are the most popular, but most people don’t consider them durable or high-quality. However, different materials can also be used, including aluminum or steel. Other materials that are very common with keychains are wood and leather. According to the custom keychain maker, the materials used should have a good flat surface to show the merchandise message clearly.

Apart from various shapes, you have a variety of materials to pick from for your keychains. While the chain and ring are often metal, you will see different materials in trinkets like hard plastic, fabric, soft plastic, rubber, crystal, neoprene, Metal, Glass, Wood, and many more. Furthermore, you will also find keychains made up of real gems and stones, microfibre, paper, and many other materials. It just depends on how they are made and how they are being used. No matter what, the material creates a unique aesthetic. For example, a keychain made from rubber looks significantly less sophisticated than one made from glass. Rubber keychains are perfect for fundraisers and other advertising events. On the other hand, a glass keychain makes a perfect gift for your best friend’s wedding. Don’t forget these differences when choosing your next keychain.

A professional custom keychain maker suggests choosing an eco-friendly material for your keychain is the best option. This idea provides you with a double benefit. Initially, it improves your brand image in the market and maintains the quality of the products. Keep in mind that the chemical material expires instantly with the oxidization. You have to save them from the oxidation effects. However, natural materials don’t contain chemicals in their formation. Therefore, it discourages the production of toxicity. That’s why keychains are 100% accurate. You can reduce the earth’s carbon footprint, which also improves your image in the market. It is one of the best ways to attract more customers to your products.


When choosing the design of your keychains, there are plenty of options. So, people are confused about what to choose, and these three above mention ways help you to choose the perfect design for your keychain. You can also take help from a professional custom keychain maker who will help you in your decision to choose a perfect keychain design.

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