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How AI Is being Used in Digital Marketing – Complete Guide

by Nathan Zachary

Artificial Intelligence has progressively brought about major paradigm shifts. In the way businesses are run all across the world bringing more smarter and efficient solutions to the digital marketing landscape.

AI in Digital Marketing benefits the online marketing industry in a number of ways. Including by optimizing and accelerating a wide range of marketing processes, enhancing customer experiences and increasing conversions, performing predictive analyses, and much more.

So why not learn more about the importance of AI in Digital Marketing and its uses in detail.

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Uses of AI in Digital Marketing


Chatbots are a kind of software that assists customers by automating conversations and interacting with them via messaging networks. Chatbot responses can either be auditory or textual.

Chatbots help the digital stores by providing them customer assistance all round the clock thus minimizing the cost of manpower. They provide real-time responses to basic queries, track client activities, develop unique email content, and make product suggestions.

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Chatbots are now capable of providing human-like responses to complex questions because of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). They can also evaluate keywords and persuade customers to make buying decisions using natural learning processing.

Voice Search

One of the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is its ability to offer voice search to facilitate the customers. This invariably enhances the search experience from the point of view of the customers.

Voice searches are utilized by many major companies across the world and are in process of adoption by many others  considering  its advantage of providing improved customer experience.

Perhaps we could all agree that Voice search is the future, and therefore search engines and search engine experts or SEOs are also figuring out the WHATs and HOWs related to searching and content available through search engines. Those interested in understanding the modern age search engine and content optimization according to future searches, should join a professional training program like SEO course in Jaipur.

Image Recognition & Visual Search

Offering innovative customer solutions through image recognition and visual searches are yet another biggest benefits and uses of AI in Digital Marketing.

Visual search utilizes searches for customers to find results that are visually similar. They majorly help the online retail business by improving the shopping experience.

Rather than recommending products based on a shopper’s previous purchases or habits, visual search technology can propose related products based on their visual look which helps customers in finding products according to his area of  interest.

Content Creation & Curation

AI algorithms can also be used to develop unique content for your website, blogs, and products. AI can help create content that is both relevant and helpful by evaluating massive amounts of existing web data around a given topic or theme.

This is particularly useful for organizations that demand short turnaround times on original content, such as news publications. Based on the prior behavior of customers, likes, dislikes, location, and other factors, Digital Marketing AI can be used to curate and offer the most relevant and interesting content to your customers.

Programmatic Advertising

Artificial intelligence is most successfully employed in advertising since it helps to save a significant amount of time, energy, and human resources. Programmatic advertising is the name given to AI-based software in use in digital marketing.

The use of AI in digital marketing helps in effectively handling and placing the Ads across various platforms by properly targeting the potential audience. This is basically done by evaluating the crucial user information such as their hobbies, demographics, and other factors, in order to identify their requirements.

Digital Marketing AI also enables real-time campaign optimization, making the entire process very efficient, rapid, and successful.

Improved Personalization

Personalization has become much more simpler and faster with the introduction of AI in digital marketing. It assists by gaining a grasp of individual consumers’ specific tastes, likes, and dislikes. It enables Digital Marketers to provide  customized solutions to the target customers depending on geography, likes, dislikes, online activity, devices, and other factors.

This is utilized to develop personalized email marketing, landing sites, and  real-time adverts, resulting in a distinct experience and increased relevance, which increases conversion possibilities.


Artificial intelligence has completely transformed the way that online transformation is done by speeding up and intelligently optimising a variety of marketing chores while also improving user experience and boosting conversion rates. It is the Digital Marketing of the future and it will last for a very long time.

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