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3 Unique Ways To Appreciate the Present

by Nathan Zachary
Appreciate the Present

When you’re unwell, your only thought is, “Please get better soon.” When you are dissatisfied with your Appreciate the present circumstances, you may daydream about a better future or reflect on how you handled your previous fortunate circumstances.

When you’re content, it’s simpler to take pleasure in the present, make light of your mistakes in the past, and have fun making plans for the future. But none of it interferes with your happiness right now. That leaves you with two choices for being present: become very ill or be joyful.

I opt for the latter because I enjoy being joyful.

I’ve learned a few tactics and heard some stories that have helped me enjoy the present moment during my fights with depression and extreme anxiety (the kind of anxiety that makes you puke up every time you chat on the phone).

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1.    Recognize That The Glass is Already Shattered.

A man once traveled to India in quest of his truth, whatever that may be, according to a story I once read. He sought solutions. He happened to come across an instructor, and the more time he spent with him, the happier he seemed. The teacher was concerned for everyone and everything. in an attempt to understand how this teacher came to embody this level of thought and, some might say, enlightenment.

The instructor lowered his gaze and indicated his water glass.

He declared, “This cup has already broken.” I just respond, “Of course,” if I tip it over and it breaks. Since it is already shattered, I value every interaction I have with the cup even though it is broken.

Everything Comes to An End. Everything.

Knowing that makes you thankful for the moment you’re in right now. People pass away, this essay will one day cease to exist, and our planet will also be gone. Everything comes to an end. I don’t say this to be depressing; rather, I say it to disseminate the idea that life is short, so appreciate every moment you have while you are alive.

2.    A Short Burst of Meditation is Really Beneficial.

I have made every attempt. Meditations that last for hours, chanting meditations, location-specific meditations, meditations that require you to wake up at an unreasonable hour—all of them. Nothing I tried stuck. I experienced failure. I frequently worried that my efforts were inadequate. If I wasn’t “mindless” for most of the meditation and was thinking about things instead, I would become agitated. I hated it. I failed.

After, five months ago, I discovered a ten-minute meditation that has been incredibly effective.

I’m sitting cross-legged with my back against a wall, listening to some wonderful classical music through my headphones. I just listen and pay attention to my inhalation.

This is the one that has worked the best for me; I’m not sure why, but it has.

I feel wonderful and am able to stay focused after the ten minutes are done. It seems to gently and reassuringly bring me back to the present. After this brief meditation, I feel incredibly at ease.

Maybe you can make it work too.

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3.    The Biggest Snake Oil Seller in Life is Perspective.

Ist das so? I’m not sure. I’m really simply proud of myself for coming up with that heading.

There are several ways that perspective might lead us. It exhorts people to constantly expect the worst. That is the preferred method of approaching perspective.

But there is always room for improvement. At least, it is what we believe. Actually, we don’t know.

We feel knowledgeable. In your current frame of mind, everything seems better: more money, a different job, warmer weather, a newer phone, and better friends. But will it all truly be better?

I am aware of wealthy individuals who are unhappy. They can have anything they desire, but because they are so preoccupied with maintaining a certain image, they are unable to truly appreciate anything.

I’ve had well over a dozen different jobs over the past ten years, all of which I enjoyed for three months before growing disenchanted and beginning to hunt for a “happier” career.

The other night, despite the fact that I reside in the most picturesque region of Canada—Vancouver Island—I genuinely missed the enormous thunderstorms I used to see when I lived on the Prairies.

Depending on how we decide to take in what perspective is offered to us, it can always be worse or better.

For a while, tell perspective to stop selling you on worse or better, and try to appreciate what you already have. Enjoying what you have in the present is much more powerful than enjoying a fantasy that you hope will come true.

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