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3 Ways to Help Transition from a National to an International Company

by Nathan Zachary

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, and the nature of the products and/or services you provide, the fundamental bottom line when it comes to thinking of the future is how to make the company bigger and better.

Naturally, one of the most notable landmarks of a larger company moves into the international field and starts serving customers and clients globally. So, with this in mind, as an ambitious and forward-thinking business owner or manager, continue reading to learn of three ways to help transition from a national to an international company.

1.    Focus on Your New Business Plan

As with any other project your company concentrates on with the view to expansion and development, when it comes to moving your business into the international forum, a business plan is a necessity.

This is not to say that this requires a complete reworking of your current business plan, but that you need to focus on every element, from the core company values to costs and profit projections, to reconfigure.

The main elements of your new, global-focused business plan should include the following:

  • New success metrics, objectives, and goals
  • Committed-to dates in a new tactical development plan
  • A top-down annual budget
  • Long, medium, and short-term strategies which will move you to your end target
  • Pros and cons of different methods of international expansion, from a sister company to a sales office

2.    Concentrate on Legality & Compliance

Legality and complete compliance are, of course, always the most important aspects of running a business, and if you have any hope of loving your company into the international market, you and your team should concentrate on legality in international business law.

The marketing and selling of your products and services in the overseas market need a cohesive business strategy, which is entirely in keeping with the laws associated with international trading. By far the best way of guaranteeing that you have everything in place, especially when it comes to adherence to legal requirements, is to take advantage of employer of record services for the duration of the planned transition.

When it comes to legality issues and compliance, this new strategy should encompass, amongst others, sales delivery, pricing, marketing, advertising, and value and branding proposition, all of which come together to push forward growth of revenue.

3.    Ensure the Entire Company is ready

The third most important thing to concentrate on when preparing to take your business from a national to an international one is to ensure organizational readiness throughout.

Every single member of your team, straight across the hierarchical structure and across all your departments, should be kept informed and updated throughout both the planning and the implementation process.

Take a long and detailed look into your current organizational structure and how this can be changed and improved for your global expansion project. Ensure HR has devised and distributed employee handbooks outlining the plans and strategies moving forward and provide competitive rewards and benefits programs to keep your valuable employee during the expansion plans.

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