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5 Best Modern Gadgets To Vape

by Nathan Zachary

Delta 8 THC, the straight analog of Delta 9 THC, was studied in the 1970s after being isolated. It appears to be new to most people as it hasn’t been thoroughly tested yet. 

However, Delta 8 THC has unique properties that set it apart from other cannabinoids. These are found in its precursors, similar to CBD derived from CBDA before being decarboxylated into CBD. Here are five ways to consume Delta 8 THC and take advantage of those unique benefits and properties. 


Vaping is considered by many to be the best way to get the most out of this cannabinoid because it delivers instant results with zero material required. Going on a vape session will quickly produce noticeable effects, which will decrease over time.  

Vaporizing any of the delta 8 THC-rich products will work but makes a big difference when you use a concentrate, especially one that has been distilled from kief or hash oil. 

CBD-rich strains are known to provide long-lasting relief without any head change whatsoever. They may not deliver instant effects but can be effective for people sensitive to THC and who want to experience cannabis in its full glory without getting stoned or paranoid. 

It’s rare to find a pure CBD strain without the confines of a medical dispensary in some parts of the globe. You may only get served when you have a prescription, but mixing any high CBD strain with your usual vape is recommended. 

Often, high CBD strains only have less than 1% THC, which will negate psychoactive effects entirely.  

Capsules and Edibles 

Edibles can still deliver surprisingly good results, primarily if you use a tasty edible like hard candy or gummies. 

All you need is one tiny piece to feel an effect that will come on slower than vaping but more potent than oil tinctures. It’s a worthy choice if you crave long-lasting relief without constantly dosing on it. 

Those with a higher tolerance can take a few pieces or even a whole candy to get the powerful high they desire. On the other hand, Capsules are the least effective method of consuming delta 8 THC as they require much more material to be ingested and don’t give you instant relief like in the case of vaping. 

If you use them, take an entire pill to experience the full effects, especially when buying delta 8 THC products from Astro eight. On the flipside, capsules may be a viable option because you can take one capsule and not have to worry about dosing throughout the day. 

Capsules may also prove to be a bit more troublesome than oil tinctures if you have an issue with capsules’ sticking’. 

Oils and tinctures 

There are many different cannabis-infused oils and tinctures available today. While these may not provide instant relief like vaping, they take effect in anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours and provide long-lasting comfort.  

Often they taste better and come in various flavors such as raspberry lemonade, watermelon punch, grapefruit, etc. Whatever your flavor, you will notice an immediate effect once this THC oil crosses into your bloodstream and then the brain.  

These THC oils are great when you need relief but won’t be able to vape right away, especially if you’re in public. 


Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils rubbed directly onto the skin for localized relief. They can provide very noticeable relief in sore muscles and joints but do nothing for any other part of your body, which means they must be applied directly to where your problem is.  

Getting good results from topicals can take trial and error, primarily if you have never used them before. Some people find they work great, while others find them pointless.  

They are excellent for those who suffer from localized pain and don’t need mental or emotional relief. This slow-released THC provides long-lasting comfort, which is why they are best for people suffering from extreme pain. 

It might take about thirty minutes or two hours at most before you feel any relief, but this will last several hours after application, even if the product absorbs fully into your skin. 

Vaporizing flower 

Many consider vaporizing flowers to be the best way to get delta 8 THC because you are getting all the benefits of vaping while still tasting the fresh flavor of your favorite strain.  

Vaporizing, like dabbing, can make your entire room smell like cannabis which may not be great for always being discreet. Still, many people enjoy this method because it delivers immediate relief and tastes excellent.  

Vaporizers come in many different forms, such as tabletop, portable, and pen style, delivering a better vaping experience. When you vape flowers, you will still feel an effect instantly, but it won’t be as powerful as what you would get by dabbing since there are no added terpenes.  

It will, however, provide long-lasting relief like tinctures or capsules. When you vape flowers, the high is often described as more of an ‘all over body buzz than a cerebral head high, which is great for unwinding and relaxing with friends.


Delta 8 THC is among the most highly effective methods of cannabis consumption for preventing and relieving nausea. There are many other ways, but this one is becoming more popular because of its immediate effects that can last hours with no head change whatsoever.

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