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5 Best Portable Vaporizers to Try In 2022

by Nathan Zachary

Vaping dry herbs is a fantastic and cost-effective way to get your cannabis fix. It’s more discreet than smoking up and healthier than other consumption methods. So, dry herb vaporizers are becoming popular among people looking to enjoy their dry herb on the go.  

There are a lot of portable dry herb vaporizers out there, but not all are worth your time. This blog post looks at five of the best portable dry herb vaporizers you should try in 2022.

The best dry herb vaporizers are not only portable, but they are also of high quality. Also, they have a good battery life, enough for many sessions. Since the industry is expanding, we have gathered this list based on online customer and expert reviews. Below are 5 of the best portable dry herb vaporizers you should know. 

  1. The Kind Pen 

According to research, the Kind Pen has one of the best dry herbs vape pens. It is the perfect choice for those looking for the ideal vaporizing experience. Its powerful heating element allows it to handle the most stubborn herbs. And it doesn’t fail to deliver smooth, flavorful vapor every time. 

This dry herb vape pen has many features, making it the perfect vaporizer for any occasion. These features include a digital display, precision temperature control, and sturdy construction. Also, it’s first regarding the durability and efficiency of dry herb vaporizers. 

  1. Crafty+ 

The Crafty vaporizer has been in existence for a while. However, this version, the Crafty+ vaporizer, is relatively new, with many advancements. So, it’s worth its position as one of the best vape pen to try in 2022. 

Crafty+ is a top-of-the-line device that offers superior vapor quality and flavor. It has several features, including a type C USB charging, Bluetooth functionality, and 1 minute heat up. Also, its ceramic heating chamber evenly heats your herbs for optimal vapor production. 

It doesn’t end there; Crafty+ has a precision temperature control system. The job of this system is to fine-tune your temperature settings to perfection. Additionally, the Crafty+ comes with a handy travel case that allows you to take your vaporizer everywhere. 

While Crafty+ is not entirely a new design, its upgrade has earned it a high spot in the vaping industry. Lastly, you can have a two-year warranty and one year of service if you register the device after buying. 

  1. Firefly 2+ 

Firefly 2+ is another portable dry herb vaporizer that we can’t overlook. Like Crafty, Firefly has existed for a while, with many people chanting its praise. However, some users complained about the battery life, size, and temperature control. 

With the zeal to serve their customers better, Firefly came up with a brand new version, Firefly 2+. With the Firefly 2+, the manufacturers kept to their promises. Firefly 2+ is more portable, has a more robust battery life, and improved temperature controls. 

Moreover, Firefly 2+ runs a convection heating system, so it has an excellent vapor quality. It also heats up in a second, ready to vape; however, you must learn to draw slowly. Lastly, Firefly 2+ has good looks and is easy to maintain, giving the users a pleasurable experience. 

  1. Furna 

What’s this list without the Furna vaporizer? The manufacturers of the Furna vaporizer are well informed about the vaping industry and users’ needs. So, with that knowledge, they have made one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers you should try. 

Furna came with a unique feature you might not find in other vaporizers; removable dry herb ovens. You can fill up any strain in each oven and swap whenever you want; it takes only a few seconds to swap. Don’t mix strains up in the ovens, as you can color code each oven with its mouthpiece nibs. 

Another exciting feature of this dry herb vape pen is the warming idle control. This control allows you to quickly resume a session from idle or turn it off to preserve your herb. Lastly, its battery capacity is not something to bother you; it has an in-built 3500mAh battery, promising to last for a long time. 

  1. PAX 3 

Known for their great products, it’s no surprise that Pax Labs made another exciting vaporizer. Pax 3 is a modern dry herb vaporizer with a sleek and elegant design. It weighs about 93g with a height of 3.9 inches, making it easier to carry everywhere without stress. However, its size shouldn’t bother you, as it can last for about 90 minutes on a single charge. 

If you’re a fashionable person, Pax 3 is an ideal choice because its exterior is made of polished aluminum and gloss. Also, it will take about 90 mins to charge fully, and you can check the battery life by simply shaking the device. 


Many portable dry herb vaporizers are on the market today, making it hard to recognize a reliable one. However, with this list, you’ll be able to figure out the best one for you. Did we miss out on anything? Let us know in the comments section. 

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