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5 Things to Know If You Want to Avail Dry Cleaning Service

by Nathan Zachary
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Are you trying to find an efficient dry-cleaning service? We are here to help you. Washing and cleaning clothes are one of the most essential elements for maintaining hygiene. The clothes that we use on a day-to-day basis, we mostly clean it with detergent and water.

Otherwise, when it comes to clothes which are a little exclusive and intricate, we mostly like to send them to the laundry for dry cleaning. Dry cleaning and laundry services use this kind of cleaning technique for better cleaning of clothes. 

What is Dry Cleaning?

  • Dry cleaning is a cleaning technique in which no water or detergent is used. This includes a chemical solvent which without water cleanses the clothes.
  • Thus, it is a milder kind of cleaning technique which doesn’t go inside the fabric and ruin it. 

Benefits of Dry Cleaning –

  • Intricate fabrics like silk, wool, suede, and leather must be dry-cleaned to retain their shine and lustre. 
  • Dry cleaning can clean the stain and dirt better than regular machine wash and also washing that is done by hand.
  • Sometimes detergent can ruin the fabric of the clothes completely so if you want to keep it intact you must send it for dry cleaning.
  • Materials like wool can shrink easily and can lose their colour if you wash them with detergent. On the other hand, dry cleaning maintains its shape and colour as it is.

Things You Should Know About Dry Cleaning Services –

Before you want to avail dry cleaning service you must know certain things. They are –

Knowing About Material Should Be Ideal for Dry Cleaning –

You must know beforehand what material should be ideal for dry cleaning. Materials like leather, suede, wool, and silk which cannot withstand the rough usage of water and detergent must be dry cleaned so that they don’t shrink.

Although, materials like cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and acrylic are durable and don’t need dry washing. So, washing them at home will detergent will be completely fine. 

Clothes That Are Intricate and Hand Woven Must Be Dry Clean –

Clothes that have intricate work on them especially if they are hand woven, hand stitched, embroidery work has been done on it and also sequin worked clothes must be dry clean. Washing them in the machine can completely ruin the craftsmanship that is done on them. Dry cleaning is the safest thing for these kinds of clothes to maintain their quality and intricacy. 

Decorative Items of the Home That Are Not So Durable Must Be Dry Clean –

Certain home decorative items must be dry-cleaned, like curtains of exclusive fabrics, carpets made and also table clothes. These kinds of things must be given for dry cleaning so that they don’t change their colour because of rough cleaning. Machine washing can completely ruin them and you cannot be able to use it in your home. Curtain dry cleaning service is available almost everywhere.

Have a Look at the Tags of the Clothes –

You should always look first at the tags of the clothes to know what is suggested there about its washing technique. Now, most of the clothes come with a washing manual and it is really helpful.

For someone who is confused that the fabric of the clothes should be dry cleaned or not checking this washing manual can be helpful. Also, some clothes don’t include this in this case you can ask your seller about its washing technique.

Choosing a Reliable Dry-Cleaning Service –

You must choose a service that is particularly expert in dry cleaning. This is a complex kind of washing technique and must be done by a professional otherwise your clothes can be ruined. So, choosing a reliable dry-cleaning service is very important. You can take some suggestions from people who already availed of these services before choosing dry cleaning and laundry services.

Conclusion –

You must keep all these points in mind if you want to use a dry-cleaning service, So that you can get the best results.

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