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5 Things You Must Keep in Mind while Transferring Your Home Loan

by Nathan Zachary
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In today’s day and age, borrowers are the ones who are being severely hit by inflation either. Because of rising day-to-day expenditures or the rates of interest on loans that are increasing every day. The first problem is beyond our control, but the second one can be curbed efficiently. If you’re a borrower, you might sometimes feel that your Home Loan interest rates. Or high EMIs are becoming too much of a financial burden. If that is the case, you can look into considering the transfer of your home loan to some other lender. You can then make way for a lower interest rate as well as have low-value EMIs to reduce. Your financial burden. You can also avail yourself of benefits like an additional top-up amount, insurance cover. No prepayment guarantee after the Home Loan balance transfer process

Things to consider when transferring Home Loan

There are several things you must take into consideration while transferring a Home Loan. Here are five of them. 

See whether you can transfer the Home Loan

Before you start looking for new lenders, you must first ensure to look at the terms and conditions provided. To you by your previous lender. We are emphasising this because a lot of lenders don’t allow transferring of loans. If you are in a similar case, then you have to negotiate your rate of interest on a loan with your current lender and bank. If it goes otherwise, you can choose other ways to budget your home finance. 

Re-negotiating to get a lower rate of interest on home loans

Before beginning with the Home Loan balance transfer process, you must see if you can negotiate with your current lender and avail your Home Loan at a lower interest rate. If your history says that you have an on-time payment record, then you can easily obtain the Home Loan at a lower Home Loan interest rate. It will not only save you money in the long run but also save you the much-needed time and energy as you don’t have to make the formalities right from scratch and arrange the documents all over again. 

Check the market for lower interest rates 

Look at the market; you can see where lower interest rates are being offered and opt for them accordingly. If the methods don’t work, you’re left with no other option other than opting for a transfer facility. Next, you can look for the best deals available in the market. You can also try reaching out and talking to the lenders. This way, you will get to convey your needs and requirements and get a quote that caters to your needs and requirements. This process can be more lucrative as you won’t get this opportunity online. This step is crucial as it directly affects your home finance. 

Make sure that you know the lender very well

You must have shortlisted many lenders online as well as offline. Now, you need to see how far these lenders are credible about what they do. In addition, you should look at the benefits and services they bring with the balance transfer facility. Finally, you must also go through various reviews and testimonials on various real estate platforms out there before you decide to purchase.  

Look how much the cost of a transfer loan amounts to

Transferring Home Loans comprises a lot of charges like 

  • Processing fees
  • Inspection charges
  • Application fees
  • Administrative charges

In the majority of cases, transfer fees are charged by the bank, by the existing lender as well as the new lender. Always make sure you know all the different fees you will end up paying. 


That was all about the things to keep in mind before transferring Home Loans. We understand your reasons behind transferring your loans to reduce the financial burden, but you must also keep in mind that there are several factors you must take care of before you decide to do the same.

For example, if you don’t read the terms and conditions and transfer your loan, that might lead you into bigger trouble. You should research well before taking up any step towards transferring Home Loans. After all, the Home Loan balance transferring process is straightforward once you understand the basics.

Resource : https://knowproz.com/must-keep-in-mind-while-transferring-your-home-loan/

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