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What is Medical Laboratory Sciences?

by Nathan Zachary
BS Medical Laboratory Scientists

BS Medical laboratory science is crucial to the practice of modern medicine. Clinicians depend on accurate laboratory data to diagnose diseases, while nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals rely on this information to plan or implement treatment and care for the individual patient. Billions of dollars are spent each year for tests performed in clinical laboratories with volumes expected to increase annually.

Why do we Study MLS?

Reasons for pursuing a career in Clinical Lab Science Clinical Laboratory Science is also commonly known as Medical Laboratory Science. This is a field of study that normally involves the scientists usually being able to determine the presence of a disease in a person, or his or her absence of the disease. Clinical Laboratory Science also involves provision of data to doctors after carrying out the required tests so that the physician can be able to administer the right kind of medication to a patient.

Clinical Laboratory Science may not involve being in tough situations with the patients in many circumstances, but the role that it plays is very crucial when it comes to the provision of personalized care. It is the branch that is normally relied on in order to offer medication even for chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. 

What are the Benefits of Medical Laboratory Science?

They analyze biological specimens from cells to blood and other bodily fluids and their analysis can help guide doctors decisions. Experts estimate that medical laboratory science professionals provide up to 70% of patients’ laboratory testing to physicians to make accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

The decision of a physician regarding a patient’s diagnosis, hospital admission, treatment, and discharge is heavily dependent on a Medical laboratory scientist’s report. Medical laboratory scientists work in places such as hospitals, clinics, forensic and public health laboratories, Pharmaceutical industries, Biotechnology companies, Vet clinics, and research institutions.

There are a lot of benefits that can be obtained if one becomes a Medical Laboratory Scientist and some of them include; a wide range of job descriptions, and high employment organisms. In hospitals and laboratories, they collect samples and carry out analysis on body fluids like blood, urine, and stool to detect parasitic microorganisms and help in the determination of correct diagnosis.

Benefits of Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists can work in quality control and regulatory agencies such as the National Agency for Food and Administration and Drug Control (NAFDAC) as well as the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) as analysts to determine the quality and safety as well as the absence of potentially harmful microbes in food items and consumer goods made by companies to ensure the safety of consumers.

MLS work in research institutions that carry out valuable and important research in areas such as biotechnology and synthetic biology and immunology. All of these are careers that provide a fair amount of career stability for a great return on investment with schedules that provide time to pursue other personal interests with a variety of career advancement options.

Studying Medical Laboratory Science gives one the opportunity to travel on 13-week or longer assignments to new places for things such as training on new procedures or research. It also gives one the ability to work alone in a small laboratory or in a large laboratory with a lot of scientists on one shift while earning a great salary. The average salary of a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Nigeria is about 123,000 naira per month.

Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary in Pakistan

The average salary for a Medical laboratory scientist in Pakistan is Rs 360,000. Read more here!

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