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5 Things You Should Ask Your Car Dealers

by Nathan Zachary
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When you go to buy a car, it can be hard to know what questions to ask. Here are five questions that you should ask your used car dealers in Bundaberg to ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible:

What can I expect to pay for the car?

There are two reasons you want to get a good deal on your car. First, you don’t want to spend more than you need to. Second, if they’re asking too much, then you can tell them that they won’t be getting their fair share of your money. 

That way they’ll lower the price and give themselves a better chance at making the sale!

It’s important to remember that negotiating is part of buying used cars in general—it’s not just something dealers do so they can take advantage of customers.

 The process cannot be rushed through; it takes time for both parties involved in this negotiation process (you and the dealer) before reaching an agreement on pricing terms that satisfies both sides’ needs and wants within reason given available budgets & resources constraints (i.e., time limits).

Can you help me with financing?

If you’re buying a new car, the dealership will likely help with financing. This is especially true if you need to finance more than 60 percent of the purchase price, which can be done through a lender known as an “automotive finance company.”

The dealership’s financing division will be able to provide information about what specific lenders are offering and their interest rates. 

A good salesperson should also be able to answer questions such as: How much money do you have to put down? What is the interest rate on the loan? How much will I pay each month? How much will I pay over the life of these loans? And how much will it cost me together?

How long will this negotiation process take?

The length of time it takes to negotiate the price of your car will depend on the type of vehicle you buy. A new car may take months to negotiate, while a used car can be negotiated in a few minutes. The negotiation process can also vary greatly depending on whether or not there are trade-ins involved.

The negotiation process can be quick or slow and easy or hard, but in general, it will probably be fun for you and stressful for the dealer.

Are there any maintenance fees associated with the car?

If there are maintenance fees associated with the car, ask for details. What will you be paying for? How much does it cost to replace parts and labor? What’s covered under warranty? 

If you have an oil change every 3,000 miles and want to keep your car in good condition, what is that going to cost? These are all things that you should know before signing on the dotted line.

If there are no maintenance fees associated with the car and it’s still under warranty, then congratulations! You’ve just found yourself a good deal on a great ride.

What is your return policy on the car if I want to return it?

You should ask what their return policy is on the car. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can return the car within a certain time period, get your money back, and/or exchange it for another one. 

You may be able to receive a full refund or just partial depending upon how many miles have been driven in.

If you decide that you want to return your vehicle and get another one, this could be beneficial as well because dealerships often offer better deals than private sellers do; so if you find yourself unhappy with your purchase after buying from a private seller then consider returning it for something else!


Asking the right questions to ute for sale Rockhampton is important, but it’s also important to know what you want out of your car purchase before you start talking to dealers. 

Before you go shopping for a new ride, it’s worth spending some time thinking about what kind of vehicle will best suit your needs and budget.

This way when it comes time to negotiate with a dealer they won’t be able to convince you into buying something that doesn’t fit into either category because they’ve done all the legwork on their end already!

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