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5 Tips To Get Yourself A Personal Wikipedia Page

by Nathan Zachary
Wikipedia Page creator

Make it happen

Creating your personal wiki page is not hard to do, but it does require some planning and action on your part. Simply putting in the time now will ensure that you have a great online presence later!

It’s totally okay if you start with only one or two of these tips, but as you continue to add more to your personal wiki, try to focus on one a week. This can be done through setting a goal and sticking to it, or by doing several of these every few days.

The key thing about this tip is to just get started!

There are no rules regarding how to create your personal wikis, so feel free to go into any level of depth that you want. Just make sure that everything you link to exists and has clear use before adding it to your profile.

It’s all in the title

Creating your personal wiki page doesn’t require much effort, but it will take you some time to do it right. Make sure to include everything you want people to know about you in the title!

Your browser may not render this file as intended. You can watch the video version of this lesson here:

I’ll say it again: IT’S ALL IN THE TITLE!

That should be your main focus when editing your profile or grab help from the Wikipedia Page creator. The rest is just extra information that people might or might not find interesting.

Avoid using long, meandering sentences that seem unrelated to your title. Your intro paragraph is an opportunity to tell someone more about yourself than you usually would outside of work.

You have a chance to show off who you are as a person, what you like, and how you contribute to the community. People look at your profile for extended periods so they get a good impression of you.

Write and publish a blog post based on your personal Wikipedia page

Creating an interesting, descriptive article is the most important part of getting your own personal Wikipedia page. You can easily get some tips by reading our checklist above!

That takes care of the content of your page, but now you need to pick a username for it. This will be the link people use to access your page. Pick something unique that makes sense to who you are as a person.

Make sure to check out how other users have organized their pages before picking yours. That way you’ll know what elements look good and feel comfortable in adding to your page.

And lastly, make sure to actively contribute to your new page by editing or creating articles. Your readers will appreciate it and add value to your site with all those notifications!

Link your page with your other social media profiles

One of the first things you should do is link your personal wiki page to all of your other social networking accounts, and vice versa. This way, your friends can easily access it, and you will get push notifications for updates.

You can also add links to external sites or resources that are related to you so that people can learn more about you. For example, if you have an article written about you in Wikipedia, you could include a link to that article here!

That way, anyone who visits your profile can read what we’ve compiled about you and see our hard work free of cost — even you, yourself. By linking these pages, you’re helping others gain knowledge about you while promoting yours.

Encourage your friends to do the same

Creating your personal wiki profile is definitely not easy, but you can get some help from those close to you. Yours truly has already mentioned how you can ask people to create an account for you, so that you can edit their article or use their username as a template and then update it.

This is a great way to have someone else take ownership of your personal info, especially if they don’t like what you wrote about yourself! You can also be honest with them and tell them things such as “I don’t really feel comfortable doing this myself yet, so I asked my friend X to fill in some of the blanks.” Or maybe you know someone who doesn’t even have a phone number anymore, so creating an accounts with only email addresses isn’t possible.

That’s okay! We all need help at times, and there are plenty of ways to get the work done. All you need to do is invite friendly people to contribute, and eventually everyone will happily comply. Now, let’s look at some ways you can encourage others to create an account for you on Wikimedia projects.

1) Ask directly

If you happen to meet someone while traveling or attending events, and they seem smart and trustworthy, ask whether they have an account on one of our sites. Most likely, they do!

Some people prefer using Google instead of our software, which is fine, but we still want to

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