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6 Best Benefits of Hands-On Channel Manager Software

by Nathan Zachary

With cloud-based channel management, you can instantly expand your reach, requiring fewer intermediary apps and saving money on commissions in the process. To enhance your online bookings, make use of our real-time capabilities and collect performance reports in an easy-to-understand style.

Perks of Hands-On Channel Manager Software

Generally, the channel management system helps connect your business inventory with several online travel agents/booking websites. It is a way to reach a wider range of customers through different distribution channels to boost your revenue. However, look below to know other perks it offers to the hotel industry. 

Increase Your Hotel’s Brand Awareness

The web visibility of your hotel can be completely revamped with the help of Channel Manager Software. It keeps track of and instantly updates data like room availability, pricing, and even content across all sales channels. As a result, you’ll see a rise in both reservations and income at your boutique hotel.

Manages Room Inventory Across Multiple Booking Channels

Managing and maintaining data on online travel agents (OTAs) like Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, etc., can be a never-ending administrative nightmare. 

A channel manager dynamically updates room inventory, updates prices based on seasonality updates, and prevents overbookings. Some of the best property management systems come with built-in channel managers that integrate with 100s of online travel agents.

Revenue Growth

The direct booking engine of the hotel can easily be coupled with the Channel Management system, which will make the booking process more streamlined. If you keep this status, your business will always be at the forefront of the competition when it comes to bringing in new guests and consumers because of your commitment to keeping it. With the assistance of features such as rate automation and rules, the optimal pricing strategy may be maintained in real-time with minimal work required on the part of the pricing manager.

Discounted pricing, a minimum stay requirement, and the removal of upsells are three more ways in which Channel Management Software can be used to boost revenue.

Overbooking is Reduced

The problems caused by double booking become particularly acute when all available rooms are booked. With a Channel Manager, you can update occupancy levels in real-time across all of your sales channels, drastically lowering the likelihood of overbooking.

When a hotel’s final room is purchased through one sales channel, for example, availability is immediately removed from all other channels. In the event of a cancellation, rooms are made available once again in all locations.

Increase in Occupancy Rates

When using a Channel Manager, a hotel is able to reach a larger audience with its marketing efforts. Your establishment has the potential to be seen by a greater number of companies as well as domestic and foreign tourists. As a direct consequence of this, the possibility that a room will be reserved will likely increase by at least ten percent.

Also crucial is the fact that once a room is made accessible in the Property Management System, it instantly becomes accessible everywhere online, thanks to the Channel Manager’s real-time capabilities.

No Extra Work is Required to Keep Rates Even

If a hotel uses a PMS that also includes a channel management system, the PMS’s rate management tool can be used to adjust room rates on all the channels with which the PMS communicates.


Channel management systems mainly help the staff and the manager save the time they need to put monotonous tasks. They can effortlessly reduce the chances of overbooking and human errors by improving operational metrics. So, try the channel management system once to reap all the other benefits that it has to offer.

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