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6 Best Versatile Guns for Survival, Defence, Hunting, And More

by Nathan Zachary
6 Best Versatile Guns for Survival, Defense, Hunting, And More

From hunting to defence, we’ve rounded a list of versatile guns that can perform all tasks. We’ve found the seven best firearms you can use as versatile guns for various things.

So, keep reading to know which models we recommend!

Best Versatile Guns 

1. Mossberg 500 Combo Field/Security

As the name suggests, Mossberg 500 gives you fieldwork and home defence capabilities. It is among the most versatile guns available on the market and makes great do-it-all guns. In the box, you get a genuine Mossberg 500 with a 28-inch vented rib and an 18.5-inch barrel. The Model 500 offers a customizable platform that allows for adding a red dot, a light, and more with ease. It’s a very easy-to-use shotgun that offers five pump-action in the tube and a plus one in the chamber.

In addition, the Mossberg 500 is a basic firearm that’s not banned in any state. No modifications or accessories are necessary. It all comes at an agreeable price of less than $350 from most retailers.

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2. Colt EPR AR-15

ARs offer shooters a lightweight, easy-to-handle, semi-automatic rifle in a standard cartridge. There are tons of different AR-15s out there. We suggest Colt EPR as it provides a high-quality, reliable rifle full of features at a great price point. 

The 5.56 delivers a suitable amount of power for dealing with a medium game and a correct fight-stopping cartridge. The Colt EPR provides an M-LOK rail, a set of MBUS Pro iron sights, etc., weighing only 6.6-pounds.

Plus, it’s a great example of a modern AR-15 that is easy to handle and capable of various roles.

3. Henry Big Boy X Model .357 Magnum

Another great rifle on the market is the Henry Big Boy X Model .357 Magnum. This includes fiber optic sights, a small rail for adding light, polymer furniture, and more. The 357 model delivers eight rounds, having seven in the tube and one in the pipe. That’s a potent caliber, and it’s in a rifle that’s very easy to control. .357 Magnum also allows you to cycle .38 Special, making practical ammo cheap and safe.

Henry’s large loop lever allows shooters to cycle the action quickly and maintain control over the rifle. A side-loading gate offers you the shotgun-like ability to top your ammunition off. This versatile gun allows you to defend yourself and take the game to about a hundred yards.

Overall, It’s a very effective rifle that’s well-made and versatile

4. Glock G20

When we get into versatile guns, we think of home defence, hunting, and survival. The Glock G20 offers a modern gun design in the stout and 10mm cartridge. As far as cartridges are concerned for automatic pistols, the 10mm maintains the most versatility. The Glock G20 gives 15 rounds of 10mm- impressive when considering the power of the 10mm.

It’s easy to accessorize, and you can improve its overall range and stability. Plus, spare parts are easy to get, and the Glock is remarkably easy.

6 Best Versatile Guns for Survival, Defense, Hunting, And More

5. M1 Carbine

The 30 Carbine isn’t an intermediate rifle caliber or a pistol caliber. Instead, it’s best described as a light rifle round. Plus, it’s a solid performing cartridge inside of 200 yards or so. The M1 Carbine delivers a lightweight, easy-to-use, and accurate little gun for various purposes. Also, this versatile gun is super easy to control and features light recoil for fast follow-up shots on multiple animals or self-defence.

6. Palmetto State Armory AK-47 GF3

AKs are more challenging to find at affordable prices. PSAK-47 is relatively cheap and comes in different configurations. It provides one of the world’s most versatile rifles. The simplistic design might appeal to shooters more than the AR.

The 7.62x39mm round hits hard within 300 yards. As an intermediate caliber, it makes follow-up shots easy. It’s an affordable rifle that does include a heck of a punch at close range. This rifle will work wonders in a survival scenario where you need a reliable and easy-to-use rifle.

Conclusion: Why Versatile Guns

There are various reasons to consider a versatile gun. The biggest reasons come down to price point. Having one firearm for multiple functions makes you extremely proficient with one tool. From a defence or survival perspective, having one firearm is practical. You can’t carry a dozen guns. Having one versatile gun that can do it all and can be extremely valuable.

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