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Your cattle are an investment in your future, but it is also susceptible to accidents, disease, dropping prices, and natural calamities. Why not your livestock if you already safeguard your family, house, and employees? One way to reduce risk and improve your future on the farm is to buy Livestock Insurance Pakistan.

What Is Coverage for Livestock Insurance?

This insurance provides crucial monetary safeguards for your livestock, including cattle, pigs, horses, donkeys, poultry, and other animals. Although your farm and ranch property insurance may cover your livestock, it’s also conceivable that you’ll need to add specialised coverage based on your company’s requirements.

Both individual livestock insurance policies and herd policies are available for purchase. You can change your coverage based on the season if the number of your cattle varies significantly by season.

What is covered by livestock insurance?

Wildlife Attacks

All of these predators—coyotes, hawks, mountain lions, bears, and dogs—prey on cattle, and their attacks can result in significant losses. Your most robust non-lethal defences against predators are good herd management, electric fences, and guard animals. However, if an attack occurs, livestock insurance may be able to help.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions, such as a late snowstorm or an out-of-the-ordinary heat wave, can pose severe risks to your ranch and herd. After a hot and humid summer with temperatures above 100 degrees, thousands of cattle in Kansas perished in June. The following natural disasters may also cause property damage to livestock: earthquakes, hail, lightning, tornadoes, blizzards, wildfires, and floods.


Although farm safety is always of the first importance, incidents occasionally involve our animals. Your herd may be covered by livestock insurance in the event of a fire, electrocution, unintentional shooting, flooding, explosions, and other events. Additionally, this coverage is crucial to safeguard your farm and animals from theft and vandalism.

Transport-Related Mishaps

It’s essential to keep your horses safe when being transported, whether you’re moving, breeding, or selling them. In a vehicle accident, this coverage typically covers the loss of life or disfigurement of animals. It might even include body removal.

Income Loss (for cattle, dairy cattle, and swine)

A significant income loss could result from falling pricing and rising feed costs. Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) insurance protects against gross margin loss for cattle, swine, and dairy cattle. LGM doesn’t offer livestock mortality insurance.

Market Volatility (for cattle, dairy cattle, and swine)

Revenue stability is provided through Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) and Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) coverage as demand and prices change. Your dairy herd is protected from falling milk prices by DRP, while cattle and swine are shielded from falling market prices by LRP. Both alternatives come in various degrees to accommodate your particular farm-level risk. LGM, DRP, or LRP do not offer Livestock Insurance Pakistan.

Your Coverage, Your Farm

a cattle ranch using public lands as grazing grounds. A five-generation dairy farm. A brand-new equestrian company. Your Farm Bureau representative can assist in customizing your ag insurance to match your daily needs, regardless of the size of your company.

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