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Top Notch 11 Cigar Brands: For Ultimate Cigar Experience

by Nathan Zachary
Top Notch 11 Cigar Brands: For Ultimate Cigar Experience

Cigar Aficionados are constantly exploring different kinds of cigars for the ultimate smoking experience. Whenever you walk into a tobacco shop or in a walk-in humidor, you will find different varieties of cigars. There are a number of brands offering a wide variety of cigars in different shapes and sizes. The noteworthy point is that the shape and size of the cigars have no potential effect on the quality of the cigars. The quality of a premium quality cigar depends on the type of tobacco, fillers, and wrapper used in the making of cigars.

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Let us scroll through to know more about the shape and sizes of cigars of different brands:

Different Shapes and Sizes Of Cigar

The shape and size of cigars vary in accordance with different brands. Cigars are generally measured by two factors, namely length in inches and diameter in ring gauge. Ring gauge is the cigar’s diameter broken in 64ths of an inch. For example, cigars with a 42-inch gauge have a 42/64-inch in diameter.

However, the strength and size of the cigar do not have any kind of relation. For example, an 8-inch cigar will be mellow, while a thin and short cigar rolled with strong tobacco will be potent. The strength of cigars can be found in the quality of the tobacco; thin cigars can burn faster than fatter ones.

Let us shine some light on the different types of cigars available in different sizes and shapes:

  • Parejos

Generally, Parejos are straight-side cigars with an open foot for lighting. These cigars are cut before smoking and are available in round or box-pressed. In the box pressing process, the cigars are pressed in a square shape before packaging. In some cases, use pressure in the box to shape the cigars.

  • Corona

Corona cigars are available in standard sizes and are very popular among cigar lovers. These cigars are available in a length of 5.25 to 6 inches, along with a ring gauge of 42 to 44. However, this size of the cigars falls in the category of small or little cigars. The size of the cigar has no impact on the flavor profile and complexity.

  • Petite Corona

Petite Corona comes in a smaller size and measures about 4 ½ inches, along with a ring gauge of 40 to 42 

  • Churchill

The Churchill brand of cigars comes in the set standard size of length 7 inches along with a ring gauge of 47. These cigars are a classic and popular option for all cigar lovers. The cigar is named after the famous British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Sometimes the size of the cigar varies between the size of 48 to 50. These cigars are ideal for relaxing after dinner with a glass of wine.

  • Robusto

Robusto cigars are fat and short cigars and are popular cigar sizes in America. The cigar comes in a length of 4 ¾  to 5 ½  inches, along with a ring gauge of 48 to 52 inches. These cigars are perfect for beginners and have an ideal size to smoke. The cigars are available at a reasonable price range and allow you to experience the blend of flavors.

  • Corona Gorda

Corona Gordo, aka toro and is gaining popularity gradually. The standard size of the cigars has a length of 5 ⅝ inches along with a 46-ring gauge. Additionally, the cigar is available 6 inches in length, and a ring gauge of 50 is also very popular among cigar aficionados.

  • Double Corona

Double coronas are large-size cigars. The dimensions of this cigar are 7 ½ to 8 ½ inches, and the ring gauge is between 49 to 52. The cigars are very famous as they last longer and have premium quality tobacco.

  • Panetela

Panetela cigars come in long and thin shapes. The size of these elegant-looking cigars have a length of between 5 to 7 ½ inches along with a ring gauge of 34 to 38. Many of the Panetela cigars have pigtail caps. Cigars having a length greater than 7 inches are called gran panatelas. 

  • Lonsdale

Lonsdale offers the best quality long and thin cigar options. The length of these cigars is 6.5 inches, along with a ring gauge of 42 to 43. These cigars are favorite options for long smoking times with an advantage of a thin cigar.

  • Grande 

Grande comes up with the thickest cigar with a  minimum length of 4 ¾ inches. These fat cigars are most popular outside Cuba. The ring gauge of these cigars falls between 70 to 80.

  • Figurados

Many cigar companies are making their cigar profile creative by designing cigars of different shapes. These figurados do not include straight-cylinder cigars. Some of the most prominent figurados cigars are as follows:

  • Pyramid

Pyramid cigars come with cut feet, akin to parejos, but with tapering heads. The cigars are available in length of  6 to 7 inches along with ring gauges of 40 and a  head widening between 52 to 54 at the foot. The pyramid is famous among cigar lovers as the tapered head gives complex flavors to the cigar.

  • Belicoso

The shapes of the traditional Bellicoso are like short pyramids along with a round pyramid head. The length of the cigar is between  5 to 5 ½  inches, with ring gauges of about 50. 

In present times the demand for mini-bellicoso, short cigars that come up in small ring gauges and tapered heads, has increased.

  • Perfecto

The perfecto cigars are available in the market with a tapered foot and a head with a bulge in the middle. Perfectos length varies in length and has a more or less bomb shape.

Winding Up With Top Notch 11 Cigar Brands

Cigars are available in many different shapes and sizes for all cigar lovers around the world. In this article, we have described in great detail the different shapes and sizes of the cigars of eleven brands. Our collection of cigars includes all types of cigars for beginners as well as for cigar experts. However,  the shape and size of the cigars have no effect on their quality. The complex flavor of the cigar comes from the quality of the tobacco and fillers used in it. You can choose your pick from the selection of our eleven premium quality cigar lists.

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