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6 Things That Wedding Photographers Should Avoid To Do

by Nathan Zachary

A wedding is a big deal. A big, emotional, stressful, expensive, and important event that everyone in the family wants to see captured in beautiful photographs. Being a wedding photographer is the best way to click wonderful couple’s shots. You get to spend days with people you love and make them look their absolute best in front of your camera lens. You just don’t click pictures-—you frame memories of the day that couples will relish in coming years. And we want you to be happy with the results. That’s why we have created a list of things that you should not ignore. These are recommended by the top wedding photographers in Bristol

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Shooting Without Assistant

Every bride wants to be the centre of attention during her wedding day. They want their guests to take notice of them and their marriage. However, this can be very difficult if you are the only photographer shooting your wedding. You need an assistant who is willing to take care of things that you don’t want to do, like setting up lights, props and backgrounds in a short period of time.

Using Photography Jargons While Shooting

While a certain amount of jargon can be helpful in describing what you’re doing when shooting a wedding, too much can be off-putting for your customers. It is best not to use too many technical terms when explaining your work as a pre wedding photographer but instead focus on describing how your work will help create beautiful imagery for your clients.

Also, photography jargon is a bit intimidating for the bride and groom. It can be difficult for them to understand what you are saying or why you are saying it. You should always explain everything in clear language so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or left out during the process of photography.

Don’t Overlook Your Client’s Requirement

Once you have chosen a location for your wedding shoot, your client will have a lot of requirements about what kind of images you need to take at that location in order for their wedding pictures to look perfect on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook pages where they share pictures regularly online with friends or family members from all over the world such as India and Japan. If there are specific things that need to happen at a specific time, don’t forget them! It is easy to lose track of time while working on an event like a wedding, but if you don’t take care of these details, then it could potentially lead to problems later on down the line

Don’t Let Guest In The Way

Most of the guests want to get in touch with the newlyweds, but this can cause some problems for the photographer and his team. If there are too many people in the way, then it will be difficult for the wedding photographer to capture the best moments of your big day. So you need to make sure that there is enough space so that they can move around easily without any restrictions.

Don’t Use Artificial Light If Not Required

If you are in a professional studio, then you must use artificial light. But if you are shooting outdoors and there is no need for artificial light, then do not use it at all. This will ensure that the photos look natural and not overly bright. You should also avoid using flash since it will take away from the natural look of your photos. Another good alternative is to use wedding sparklers during the newlywed’s send-off as it will appear natural with a glowing effect in the background. This is a perfect wedding moment to be captured.

Don’t Shoot Without Photography Contract

If you are going to shoot someone who does not have a contract with you, then make sure that they sign one before starting the shoot and make sure that they give you their permission to use the photos in any way that you want (as long as it does not violate copyright laws). This way, you can protect yourself if anything goes wrong regarding legacy.

Hope you like the article. Stay tuned to get more information on about wedding photography trends!

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