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7 Common Reasons People Use Heroin

by Nathan Zachary

Heroin is an opiate that can reduce pain. But who’s using heroin for that? The chief reason people use heroin is the pleasure it gives them. How peaceful, relaxed, and elated they feel! 

Peace and pleasure are the two most sought-after emotions in the world. 

Heroin gives both. No wonder heroin is one of the most used drugs in the world! 

But, mind you, heroin is also one of the world’s most dangerous drugs. And if that’s not enough, the world has millions of heroin addicts! 

The year 2016 saw one million users of heroin in the US alone. This was long back. 

It is 2022 now. Do you think heroin users have decreased or increased? 

According to specialists at Idaho drug rehab, heroin addicts are increasing in alarming numbers, especially after 2020 (the pandemic year). 

Why do people use heroin? 

Answer to this question can help rehabilitation specialists chart out more effective treatment plans. It can help addicts fight their addiction powerfully and recover completely. It can help families of addicts understand their loved ones better and not abandon them to their fate. 

As you search for “drug rehab near me,” know why people use heroin. 

Here are 7 reasons people use heroin, based on addiction studies:

1. Curiosity 

A well-known adage goes, “curiosity killed the cat.” In the case of drugs, this adage holds true! Heroin is a party drug. It is glamorized. This creates curiosity among people to know how exactly it feels like to be on a heroin high. 

2. To escape from life’s realities

Most heroin addiction cases erupt from dissatisfied lives or traumatized lives. People feel bored or sad. They are in trauma or intense emotional pain. They may be restless, with low self-worth, or unloved. 

In these cases, they are more likely to use heroin, which transports them into another world that seems to be filled with happiness and peace. 

3. Out of compulsion 

Once your brain becomes dependent on the high that heroin creates, you cannot help but take heroin again. Even if you don’t want to, you have to. 

4. Peer pressure

Many drug addicts started using heroin to impress their peers and to feel “in.” They want to fit in a particular crowd. If their peers do it, they would too. 

5. Addiction runs in their family

Although this is not necessary, if your father or mother did drugs, you are more likely to. If your family environment is such that drugs are a part of life, you become more inclined towards addiction. 

The best thing to do, when your family members do drugs, is to call the drug addiction hotline and seek professional help. You not only save your addicted family, but also save yourselves from falling into the trap of drugs. 

6. To combat loneliness

Lonely people are more likely to do drugs like heroin because there is a whole community out there doing heroin. You feel connected and are, no longer, lonely. 

7. To cope with failures

People who resort to drugs to cope with their failures probably haven’t heard or read Thomas Edison’s quote: “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Techcrams

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