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7 Stunning Earnshaw Watches That Make A Serious Fashion Statement

by Nathan Zachary

Getting a great watch at an exceptionally fair price is not always easy. But with Earnshaw watches, you can seal this irresistible deal!

Named after the revolutionary watchmaker and the ‘Father of Modern Chronometer’, Thomas Earnshaw watches carry a legacy and elegance in all their designs. The unique styles and features of the classic brand showcase fine craftsmanship and fantastic watchmaking techniques. The exotic collection at Earnshaw depicts vintage-inspired aesthetics that complement all your outfits and make a serious fashion statement.

Read on to get some new and inspiring ideas to pair your Stunning Earnshaw Watches that create a seriously elite and classy fashion sense. 

Leather and Leather – The Perfect Match

Combining leather with more leather will definitely uplift your style in a go.

Earnshaw’s cool and classy leather collection will complement all your looks when you add a leather belt, office bag, leather shoes, or even a bracelet. Yet, you need to look into the color before adding leather to your outfits.

Earnshaw’s ‘Longitude’ and ‘Beaufort Anatolia’ are perfect add-ons to all your outfits and will surely make a gorgeous fashion statement. 

Tone with Colors

Matching and contrasting color combinations with your Earnshaw Watches is yet another elegant and effective way to empower your attire. Choose the combinations that suit the occasion and the outfit. When playing with colors, make sure that you create royal unions that will help in bringing out a neat and stylish look.

Palmerston Tourbillon at Earnshaw comes in classic colors like black gold and rose gold. The magic and mastery of the pieces when added to the finest suit or formal office wear will surely bring a simple, yet classy look to your attire. 

Understand the Formality of your watch

Earnshaw has a watch for all your occasions.

Whether you go for a formal, casual, informal, or party look, they have a different piece for all. However, to create a smart fashion statement, you need to understand the formalities of the watch, along with all that it tries to communicate.

For instance – Dress watches are usually simple with black or leather bands that are sleek and stylish. Similarly, a sports watch is a high-quality watch with a messy face. It cannot always complement a dress or any other party attire.

So, it is always better if you make these comparisons while choosing any Earnshaw watch to pair with a particular outfit. It will surely help you get a neat and royal look for all occasions. 

Dial and Case Style

Believe it or not, the dial and the case style matter a lot. With a large collection of watches at Earnshaw, you may get a bit muddled up about what to choose and what not. However, you must be precise with the dial and case style that can complement your looks and be a game-changer. Choosing the right dial and case can be an aesthetic choice, but will largely affect your overall look and attire. 

Metal fits Metal

Earnshaw’s utterly elegant metal collection is undoubtedly one of the most elite choices one can ever make. The classy designs and soothing colors give you a warm and edgy style that can complement all your looks. The trendy shapes and colors look dapper when you pair them with a metal belt or ring or any other metal accessories that match the Earnshaw watches. For example – If you go for a rose gold or gold watch, choose a matching cufflink or brooch, or if you choose silver, you can opt for a black outfit or pair it with a traditional outfit. 

One Watch or Multiple Watches

Choosing among many watches highly depends on the purpose for which you are buying the watch. If you want to purchase a single watch and pair it with all your attires, it should be stylistically neutral which means that it can go with any color and any outfit,

However, if you want to take two or three pieces for different occasions, you can match them with your outfits and choose accordingly.

Keep in mind the formality of the watch and the occasion on which you want to pair it. Earnshaw watches have superior quality and numerous designs. You can choose from a variety of watches present there and add spark to your attire.

Matching your watch with footwear

This may sound a bit quirky and weird, but it will really help you get a perfect look. When you match the watch strap with the same leather footwear, it gives an elegant look that is apt for any occasion. Your slip-on loafers will go great with Earnshaw watches with a black strap as black is always the go-to option. However, you can also opt for watches with brown leather straps to complete and adorn your party look.

No offense, but brown too can be the new black and all you have to do is just give it a try! 

Create your own Collection

Earnshaw has a watch that suits all your themes. So, you only need some real styling hacks and a remarkable collection of your own to pair a watch with all your looks. If you are a regular watch wearer and want to wear it in style, you should have some classy and elegant watches in your wardrobe. Making a collection will help you stay in fashion always and curating it from Earnshaw watches will give you many options to choose from. 


Who said watches are just to know the time when they can be an irresistible and amazing fashion statement?

Create your own style and slay in style with the stunning Earnshaw Watches and you are all set to rock.

Earnshaw’s wonderfully classic designs offer gorgeous pieces at highly affordable prices. These watches are a perfect fit for all occasions and will make you look super cool and classy always. So what are you waiting for? Grab the most amazing pieces from the exclusive Earnshaw collection and be ready to flaunt them on every occasion.

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