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7 Types of Logos and How to Use Them for Your Business

by Nathan Zachary
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Whether you own a successfully running firm or you are planning to launch your start-up, there should be a symbol representing you. A logo acts as the face of your brand. However, the importance of a logo is not yet known to many. A logo representing your brand helps your viewers distinguish between you and your competitors. Viewers look forward to communicating with the brand they are engaging themselves with. A good logo portrays its brand very efficiently to satisfy the customers.

Designing a good logo is not an easy thing to do. However, if you have an artistic approach and an understanding of logo design, you can do wonders in designing. However, don’t trouble yourself if you lack knowledge about logo design. You can find a good logo designing firm to help you with it. They look forward to providing various logo designs for their clients.

Types of Logos and Their Importance

Hiring a professional to design your logo or not, either way, you should know the types of logos used. We are providing you with logo types that are used on a wide scale. Moreover, you will find out how different designs enhance a logo.

Letter marks

A company’s name is its everything. It is one of the few things that differentiate between brands. One way to represent any brand through a logo is by using the initials of the brand’s name. These logos are called letter marks.

Designing a logo through letter marks can help your customers recall your brand’s name whenever they see the initials. The viewers are likely to pay attention to the brands this way. They sometimes even suggest certain brands to their fellows. This way, your to-be customers will easily remember your name as well. We would advise you to use a custom typeface for your logo. A readable font will help you stand out among your competitors. It will also reflect the simplicity of your brand. It is one of the best ways to divert the viewer’s attention toward oneself. 

Word marks

People y usually confuse word marks with letter marks a lot. Word marks are just like logo marks. However, the only difference is that it focuses on the complete name of a brand and not just its initials. Word marks will go well when a brand name is small and unique. Having your brand name as a logo is quite helpful for the customers to remember you.

One way to make your wordmark unique is to use different colors. A splash of vibrant and eye-catching colors will make your logo forever refreshing. Moreover, we would also suggest you use a different font for one letter in the brand name. Using different fonts will let your logo stand out.

Symbolic logos

Symbolic logos have been quite popular these days. These logos represent your brand name and sometimes its values. Symbols allow people to recognize your brand just when they see it. It also reflects that your brand is meaningful. To create one, you can use software like an online logo generator. It provides a wide range of ideas that are relevant to your brand.

When creating a symbolic logo, make sure it will help the viewers remember your brand. It stands to be one of the easiest ways to promote your brand. A good logo attracts better. It would be better to make your logo timeless. Making it complex can also make it look unattractive. Make it as simple and unique as possible so that it clicks your brand’s name in the client’s mind when they hear it.

Abstract logos

Pictures are always eye-catching. It is quite possible to represent your logo through images. Abstract logos avoid portraying the literal representation of a brand. However, they somehow manage to show the brand’s values and meaning. Abstract logos do not restrict themselves to a single image. It is more of a blend of several pictures and patterns.

To make an ideal abstract logo, pay more attention to the details. An abstract image needs elaboration. Every viewer can have a different opinion about your logo. Thus, to keep them on the same page, make details that provide a clear image of your logo. It will also make your customers understand your values easily.


People of all ages crave variety and uniqueness. A mascot is a unique type of logo design. However, a symbol does not represent it. Instead, they are animations portraying an essential aspect of the brand. Mascot logos act as ambassadors of a brand. The sole purpose of mascot logos is to familiarize the audience with the brand.

A brownie tip, when working with mascots, make sure it is scalable. Logos such as a mascot require detailing because they must comprise all essential factors. Maintaining the details is necessary on a small and large scale as well. Thus, the logo should be scalable. We highly suggest you work with proportions when creating mascot logos.

Emblem logos

Emblems are one of the oldest types of logos. The best part about them is that they never went out of trend. Most companies still prefer their logos to be an emblem. However, some think it might not match the standards of modern logos. Whereas some graphic designers give the traditional emblem logo a modern look. An emblem is a symbol including seals, crests, and badges.

When designing an emblem, you need to be sure of your design. It is not a flexible logo design. However, you can make slight changes to your logo later. Specifically, for this reason, you need to be sure that your logo will never go out of trend or look unattractive. Other than this, an emblem logo also needs to be scalable. It is essential for the good promotion of a brand to have an ideal image on a small or large scale.

Slime logos

Unlike all previously described logo designs, the slime logo is specifically designed for kids. The slime logo style is considered the ultra-modern type of logo design. Their cartoonish appearance makes them different from other logo styles. Thus, they do not have a standard typeface or a symbolic representation. Instead, they comprise slime-inspired elements. 

Making a slime logo design might not be the easiest job to do. Thus, you can hire a professional graphic designer. However, if you still want to design a logo make sure it is eye-catching to kids. As described before, a slime logo is cartoonish and does not comprise standard typefaces and symbolic representation, so you should find unique and inspiring elements for your logo.


Imaginations have no limits, and neither has art. Thus, think out of the box and take your time when designing a logo. We suggest you doodle a bunch of ideas and then choose the best one. However, if you think you need an idea for making your logo, go online or search about your competitors. It is absolutely okay to be inspired by others.

Researching is a must for fonts and typefaces. Make sure to select an appropriate and decent font for your logo. Your good selection of details will enhance the design of your logo. As a result, it will attract more viewers to your brand, and turn them into customers. We would also suggest you consider the message that you want to give through your logo. A meaningful logo is always appreciated. Also, you would want your audience to be clear about your brand. Now you are all set to take charge of your logo. Over to you.

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