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7 Valuable Things to Know about Rigid Cigarette Boxes

by Nathan Zachary
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With the rapid growth of online sellers in the last decade, people rely on buying products online. They like to get their products in the best quality and the best form when they order online. These days, Rigid Cigarette Boxes are popular for safety and good packaging.

The boxes have a special layer inside that keeps the quality of the product fresh, especially if there are edibles inside. This is one of the best advantages of using Kraft Cigarette Boxes. Let’s discuss some other advantages of these Boxes!

1. Rigid Cigarette Boxes with printing can do brand marketing

The best part about the customization on boxes is the printing and when you want to do marketing as well, printing can help. Advertisement of the products is essential and when you can get advertising for free, it’s a bonus. 

This is why when you make Kraft Cigarette Boxes for your product packaging, you will be promoting the brand in front of a huge crowd. People will get to notice your brand and the brand promotion will improve your business.

2.    Safe Storage for Fragile Cigarette Items

Safe storage of the items is necessary and for that, your Kraft Cigarette Boxes and boxes can be handy. The special boxes can easily keep moisture away from the product. Especially, in the winter season, when your box can get soggy if you keep it in the open air, these Boxes and boxes can be very helpful. The safety of the product will surely help you gain profits and customer appreciation.

3.    Attractive Shapes and Sizes

The specialty of Kraft Cigarette Boxes is their customization benefits. They are usually for keeping cigarettes that you want to keep away from any kind of moisture. The beautiful shapes and sizes of Kraft Cigarette Boxes with customization can help you be the best in the eyes of customers.

Although, the marketing of cigarettes is not allowed in most locations, but you may need their attract boxes. You can also check the shape and structure of other cigarette brands and then get an idea of the suitable packaging shape for your cigarettes.

4.    Fire Resistant Feature

The ability to make the cigarette packaging fire resistant is phenomenal and that is also possible only with customization. You can get so many options when you go for customization and fire resistant feature is really a value adding a feature for your product packaging.

5.    Lightweight & Easy to Carry

The material for Rigid Cigarette Boxes and bags is very lightweight. This adds to the high usage and demand for the box. Furthermore, if you are a seller, your product will not be very heavy and your customer will feel good about it.

To avail of all these benefits, customization is the way to go. However, choosing high-quality paper material like kraft is equally important. 

6. The choice of Design 

The customization of Design includes the optimization of the art you plan for your boxes. Therefore, you may also need the support of an expert designer in this regard. However, many packaging companies also provide free design support for design customization. You can also avail of this free opportunity and get the best possible Design for your boxes. 

Design of custom cigarette packaging includes printing. Printing plays a crucial role in the Design because you will have to print everything you want to see on your boxes. Therefore, it is equally important to pick high-quality and innovative printing technology to get wonderful designs. 

7. The Printing Material for Boxes

Printing material includes the art you want to print on your boxes and the material you use for printing. A logo, name, description, or any other design you want to print is called the art of a box. On the other hand, the ink, lamination, embossing, and debossing techniques are called printing materials. 

Whatever, design art you choose, you will need to pick some better printing technology to get high-quality printing add-on. There are unlimited options available, but it is important to consider that there are specific rules and regulations regarding cigarette design and marketing.

So, you will need to have a consultation with experts to get your Design ready for your cigarette boxes. Fortunately, many cigarette packaging companies provide you with free consultations regarding your cigarette brand. You can avail that opportunity and eliminate your confusion about the Design and relevant information on your cigarette packaging. 


Cigarettes need proper safety due to their fragile structure and nature. Similarly, these cigarettes are also more vulnerable to fire, moisture, and heat. Therefore, you will have to pack your cigarettes in high quality cigarette boxes to save them from all those hazards. Kraft cigarette boxes are used as a source of packaging for cigarettes. 

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