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8 Amazing Facts About Kraft Box Packaging 

by Nathan Zachary
Custom Kraft Boxes Wholesale Half Price Packaging

Every industry is growing with each passing day, and the competition is becoming fierce, making new startups compete with the big boys. How do brands manage to pull off the impossible?  

Well! Every brand is luring customers through its product packaging. The importance of packaging is the same as the product itself, as beauty attracts. Finding the right packaging material can be a tough challenge.  

A material goes with the same Kraft box packaging that ticks all the boxes. The threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. But why not you? 

Brands are paying attention to eco-friendly packaging material to minimize toxic land waste and approaching a green packaging approach.  

Before jumping into the kraft packaging features, let’s discuss the big debate about kraft boxes vs. plastic boxes; which one is better

Kraft Box Packaging Vs. Plastic Packaging? 

Kraft material is easily decomposable and doesn’t harm the soil once discarded after usage. It doesn’t create any toxic land waste in the environment. On the other hand, plastic packaging can destroy the quality of products and take five to ten years to decompose.  

Let’s know the eight amazing facts about Kraft box packaging! 

  1. Helps You Go Green 

Our planet’s health is a serious issue, and we should all play our part to resolve the issue ASAP. Customers unlike to receive things from a brand that encases their products in packaging that is harmful to our planetet.  

Kraft packaging box is a great solution as they are manufactured from wood pulp that is eco-friendly and recyclable. The decomposable nature of these boxes will not harm the planet and make you work on a “green marketing” approach.  

  1. Affordable For Everyone 

In a business, nothing is more important than saving money. With this view in mind, companies are looking for low-prices packaging solutions. Kraft paper box packaging wholesale is an exceptional choice in this regard.  

Kraft material is highly cost-efficient that is accessible to everyone. The main reason behind it is the choice of material used in their manufacturing. Therefore, businesses should opt for these boxes that are quite budget-friendly and help them to make a remarkable in any market.  

  1. Perfect For Shipping 

In the present market, kraft box packaging is preferable to shipping products over longer distances. Additionally, you can reuse these items for multiple products, making them quite different from conventional packaging.  

For instance, a kraft box can be used as a gift pack or a food box which can amaze your buyers. It depends on your preference and how you can use them, and they are a perfect choice to deliver the products to the final destination in safe and sound condition.  

  1. Offer Brand Appreciation 

Kraft paper box packaging generates an interconnection between the product and the consumer. The aesthetic appeal and flexibility to imprint branding elements create a sturdy relationship between the purchaser, which helps you to grow your sales revenue.  

The main purpose of brands is to upsurge the brand limelight in the market can accomplish this with the help of these well-designed and thoughtfully processed box packaging.  

  1. Versatile Uses 

Kraft boxes are a good option for packing handmade and scented things. Depending on the merchandise that will be put in them, we can customize them into unique boxes.  

For instance, priceless jewelry pieces might be stored in this kraft paper packaging box. They may gracefully display and safeguard the luster of priceless goods like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and so forth, keeping them from fading or becoming dull.  

Apart from this, delicate food products can be stored within them for a long time while remaining fresh and clean. These custom boxes work well as storage boxes for keeping several products safe. You can use them as a sample pack to showcase your goods and attract new customers. 

  1. Easily Customizable  

It’s not denying that kraft flexibility makes it a rising star in the packaging industry. You can design the boxes in any size and shape per your preferences. For example, you can create the shape per your marketing campaign to improve the prominence of your brand and make them work as a new network for promoting your sales.  

Apart from shapes, you can print artwork to associate them with a special occasion or an event. Adding typeface and thank you notes make them alluring and show your gratitude to your customers.  

  1. Offers Better Printing Quality 

We can agree that the time of conventional boring packaging has truly gone. No one wants packaging that hasn’t an inspirational and eye-grabbing artwork printed on it. To catch buyers’ attention and influence their purchasing decisions, kraft box packaging is a great solution.  

This packaging is manufactured from multiple kraft papers, providing a unique surface to print anything. The printing ink used to manufacture these boxes is eco-friendly and doesn’t smudge or fade.  

  1. Assure Product Safety 

The durable packaging material used to manufacture these boxes will make them the finest choice among many other packaging solutions. They can withstand adverse environmental influences like humidity, temperature, and pressure.  

Product integrity can assure with these sturdier boxes. They allow you to ship and display your products on retail shelves confidently.  You can feature the packaging with inserts such as foam, cardboard, and sleeves to add firmness to kraft paper box packaging wholesale.  

Where To Buy Kraft Box Packaging? 

Are you looking for a kraft paper box packaging supplier to design these eco-friendly packaging? Half Price Packaging is the most well-known company in the packaging industry. They meet all your packaging requirements by using high-tech die-cutting and printing technology at affordable prices.  

Summing Up! 

Custom boxes have truly revolutionized the packaging industry for multiple reasons. Consumers prefer kraft boxes due to their flexible and eco-friendly nature. These boxes have higher quality and can withstand adverse environmental influences ranging from temperature and humidity. 

They can logically intact the product inside the box and prevent it from being damaged. This packaging will help you to work on a green marketing approach and take your brand to a new height of success.  

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