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8 Magical Tips To Get Rid Of Stinking Shoes Of Your Baby

by Nathan Zachary

Getting a stinking smell from baby shoes is very common. Babies go out for playing and pour water or other things on their shoes too often. So this is something expected for their shoes to stink. It is not possible to wash them up regularly and that is why some effective alternatives are needed. Here are some best tips and tricks that will help you to get rid of the stinking shoes of your toddlers. These hacks are effective and you can try them also.

  1. Expose them to sun rays

One of the finest and easiest ways to get away from the smell of baby shoes or baby booties is to keep them in the sun’s rays. The strong rays of sun in the afternoon will vanish all the smells that toddler shoes have. You will get the best fresh shoes without any stink within a few hours of exposure to the sun only. This is the most effective way you can try for your baby shoes to get away from the smell.

  • Baking Soda gives fast results

This is a proven trick that everyone is using for smelly baby girl shoes and boys’ shoes. Just sprinkle baking soda directly inside the shoes and you can see the results in a few hours. So if you are worried about the poor-smelling shoes of your baby just buy some baking soda for it. You can try this hack anytime even at night as well.

  • Silica gel pouches

Silica gel pouches that we can see in many other things are available in the market. You can buy a few of them for your toddler’s shoes as well. These pouches are going to secure the freshness of your girl’s and boy-baby shoes for sure. Silica gel is not going to cut your pocket too much account as it is cheap and easily available as well.

  • Dry sheets are magical

We can explore a big range of dry sheets to make baby boy’s shoes dry instantly. When the shoes are dry they will emit all stinking smell as well. The function of these dry sheets is to absorb the entire moisture surrounding them. So these sheets work effectively to drag the smell towards them along with moisture.

  • The market is full of mild shoe sprays for babies

When we go out to buy baby shoes we can also buy shoe spray for kids as well. Today we can buy mild and freshness-giving sprays for miraculous baby shoes. Earlier it was not possible to get this sort of stuff for kids. So buy a shoe spray to omit the stinking smell of your kid’s shoes. These sprays work immediately so you can use them for instant results.

  • Use premium quality breathable shoes

This is another thing you can try to lessen or vanish the stinking smell from your baby boy’s shoes 6-9 months or older. The good quality stuff of shoes helps to minimize the smell and also keep the baby’s feet safe from germs and fungus. So if you are buying shoes for your baby make sure to invest a bit extra to buy quality only.

  • Wash them internally

Although it is hard to wash the baby’s shoes daily as they get dirty on daily basis. But at least you can try them washing out at regular intervals. Newborn baby shoes do not require extra care as in the case of toddlers. The ideal way to keep the shoes clean in actuality and get rid of the smell is by washing them up on regular periods. This is a must-practice apart from other tricks that are listed here.

  • Most important is to keep the feet clean

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is keeping your baby’s feet clean. When they are clean it is easier for you to get rid of the smell coming from them as well. The smell comes from wearing shoes with dirty feet also. No matter what you apply to the shoes of your baby if their feet are dirty. So first work of cleaning their feet daily and even twice in a day sometimes if you feel so.

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