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8 Tips for Making Gift Cards Easy to Remember

by Nathan Zachary

In order to ensure that you get the most out of your gift card purchase, here are some helpful tips. It is important to note that these tips cover simple changes like changing where you keep your gift cards and purchasing items to maintain your gift card organization. Incenti also has some ideas that require technology so that keeping track of when to use gift cards will be automatic.

1. Store Gift Cards With Credit Cards

The best method to keep your gift cards on hand during the day, although it may seem simple, is to keep them close to your side and to keep them readily available throughout the day. It is ideal to keep gift cards near the credit and debit cards you frequently use, so every time you open your wallet, you’ll be reminded that gift cards are available. The card that I’m holding is mine, and I flip it over to know what gifts I can spend on each when I pull it out of my wallet.

2. Make or buy a gift card holder

A gift card holder keeps multiple gift cards organized and accessible.During that time, I used a business card organizer my sister gave me to store present cards on one side and corporate cards on the other. There are many different gift card organizers on Etsy and on Pinterest, such as Ingenious Bros., which range from a primary key ring to an elegant wallet for gift cards.

3. Log your gift cards

The money on a gift card cannot be retrieved when the card is stolen or lost, so it is treated as cash. Maintain a record of the number of gift cards you’ve received (including any PIN numbers or serial numbers found on the reverse of the card). Maintain a record of the number of gift cards you’ve received (including any PIN numbers or serial numbers found on the reverse of the card). You’ll be more likely to remember to use your cards if you regularly write the numbers down. You might be able to use these cards online or by phone if you cannot locate the card. As long as you have the card information and number, you can obtain an alternate card if necessary, according to the policy of the company that issued the card.

4. Take a Picture

Each gift card you receive should have a picture of the back and front of it instead of a written description. The picture can be deleted if you make use of the card. You can see which cards have not been used when viewing pictures in the photo library. Cards can be used online, in shops, and on the phone should you need a replacement should anything happen to them. Make sure all personal identification numbers (PINs) are scratched before taking the photo.

Gift cards are stored in a photo album on my phone. When I’m considering a purchase, I can go to one place to check my gift cards, delete them after being used, and keep track of them.

5. Make use of a gift card app

A gift card app like Card Smash or GiftPocket allows users to store gift cards in a digital format and view their balances. By transferring the care and feeding of your gift cards into digital versions of the exact same cards, you ensure that you always have the cards you need.

6. Mobile wallets for gift cards

There are several ways to record your gift cards, the most popular way being to store the codes of these gift cards in your mobile wallet on your phone. With the gift card numbers safely stored on your phone, you won’t have to carry the plastic around to keep your gift cards in your wallet. Gift cards kept in mobile wallets can be used online, over the phone, or on cash counters. (I’ve been there several times). I especially like the SamsungPay wallet, which allows me to save the gift cards I already own and purchase new cards using the app. Sometimes I’m even able to get the gift card deal.

Apple Pay will only let you add cards to your wallet when the retailer permits users to directly add the card from the retailer’s app. This is great if the connection is in place, but you cannot utilize it if the card isn’t linked. Bummer.

7. Buy eGift Cards Instead

The best part about e-gift cards is that I don’t have to worry about them getting lost. If you accidentally delete the message or email that sent the card, you can contact the company and request an alternative. You must be able to prove ownership by providing your delivery address, which not all companies will provide.

The same rules apply to e-gift cards as they do to cash. It’s tempting to simply leave the text or email in your account feeds. Don’t do it, however. Take a screenshot of the e-gift cards or print a paper copy as a backup if you get the credit card.

The idea is a great way to keep your e-gift cards in your wallet and use them in stores by transferring them into an email folder titled “Gift Cards to Spend.”.

8. Add Gift Cards to Store Accounts

Tracking physical or virtual cards is best accomplished by transferring them to your accounts at stores whenever possible. On incenti, for instance, it is possible to add a credit card to your Amazon account within minutes of receiving the card, and it can be added right after the card is accepted. Every time you go to check out on Amazon, you will be asked to use your gift card so you can make your purchase. Gift cards cannot be added to your store accounts, so you can keep them close to the computer you use to do your online shopping if you cannot add them there.

My gift cards are also added to store accounts, and I keep a reminder on my phone. I’m more likely to remember using the gift card if I have multiple reminders.

Something Else to Consider

People use e-gift cards because they realize the value immediately. Buying a gift card for someone they know is a good decision. In place of finding a way to use the gift card, they hang the card on the wall, hoping that an opportunity will arise to use it in the future.

The best way to use an unwanted card, such as an offer to an establishment that isn’t nearby, or a gift card to an establishment you don’t enjoy, would be to find a new way to use it in a proper way. Instead of keeping the credit card in your wallet or storing it forever, you should sell it, give the gift card away with incenti, or give it to someone else.

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