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Which Type of Data Does a Sankey Diagram Generally Use?

by Nathan Zachary

Sankey Diagram serves as a backbone of any business but intends to grow into a bigger brand. Gone are the days when businesses were manage blindly, expecting to make returns at the end of the day. Since the current business world is full of data, there is an urgent need to make the best out of the data we have at our disposal.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to run your business in the right direction due to a lack of guidance. The guidance you need in this case is the proper use of data to help you make the right steps in the right direction.

However, data cannot be use in its raw format since it does not present any insights that business owners can use. This is where the Sankey diagram comes into play to help business owners break down complex data.

With the data at the core of your business operations, you will automatically need to implement the use of data visualization to make your work easier.

A Sankey diagram is one of the most popular data visualization tools that helps in digesting complex data variables and converting them into simple aspects that you can understand. When choosing a data visualization tool, you must ensure that you go for one option to break down data and convert it into the format you need.

At the beginning, the Sankey diagram was one of the most complicated data visualization tools to create. The invention of the Sankey diagram maker has dramatically revolutionized the trajectory of the entire story. The Sankey diagram maker is design to help business owners and data analysts to visualize complex data and extract insights that suit their needs.

What is a Sankey Diagram?

A Sankey diagram is an advanced flowchart that displays the flow of data or variables from one point to another in a given organization. The diagram incorporates different aspects that determine the flow of data from one point to another within a particular business environment. Some of the aspects within the chat that showcase the flow of data include nodes and many more.

The chart also comes with links which are represent by arcs or arrows. Note that the length of the link is directly proportional to the size of the data flow.

When using a Sankey diagram to visualize data, the flow of data comes in varying heights depending on the quantity of the data flow. Before making conclusions from the data, you need to evaluate all these aspects keenly in order to come up with a reliable answer.

Even though there are other data visualization tools that are use to depict the flow of data, most of them are not reliable when compare to a Sankey diagram.

The Sankey diagram is the most appropriate data visualization tool design to showcase data flow between different points within a business setting. Also, the data presented using this tool is pretty easy for readers to understand without human intervention.

In addition, a Sankey diagram offers different levels of viewing your data to uncover all the hidden insights without wasting time. Regardless of the technicality of your readers,

The data presented in a Sankey diagram can easily be interpreted by anyone. This means that this is the ideal option if you are presenting data to an average audience within the market.

The Type of Data Used by a Sankey Diagram

Even though a Sankey diagram is use to determine the flow of data, most people find it challenging to identify the most relevant data that can be present on the diagram.

It is always necessary to seek clarification before visualizing your data to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. This is why it is essential to understand the ideal type of data that can be outline on a Sankey chart to generate reliable output.

A Sankey diagram is design to determine weighted networks of data flow. This is an indication that the chart can be use to showcase any type of data.

The nodes on the diagram are display in two or more data categories that showcase different stages of data. When the data is present on the chart, it becomes easier for the readers to interpret the information and make conclusions.

Regardless of the complexity of the data, a Sankey chart converts it into a simple format that data analysts and business owners can interpret and use to make decisions that impact their personal development.

Provided that the data presented on the chart diagram is accurate, you can easily achieve your objective by making reliable conclusions from the presented data output.

Interpreting a Sankey Diagram

A Sankey diagram displays data in a sequential manner. The data points are display ranging from the left to the right. When you want to interpret the data displayed on a Sankey diagram, the first step is to carry out a match between the keyword and the search query.

When reading the data points, remember that the diagram is bi-directional in nature. This indicates that you can translate the data from either left or right or right to left.

Keep in mind that most of the data present on the Sankey diagram are note in the form of percentages.

When you present your marketing campaign data on a Sankey Chart and realize that the impressions are at 73.7%, it’s automatic that you have missed approximately 26% in order to nail your strategies.

This means you need to change your strategies to perform better in the next marketing campaign.

Benefits of Using a Sankey Diagram

The application of a Sankey diagram in data visualization comes with a multitude of benefits that data analysts can enjoy.

One of the major benefits and applications of a Sankey diagram is evaluating and understanding the customer purchasing journey.

The diagram can help you analyze the journey taken by your customers and the head Wednesday experience before making a purchasing decision.

A Sankey diagram is also a simple data visualization tool that you can integrate with your Google ads for ease of data interpretation.

These two elements can work together, helping you to collect real-time data from your Google ads performance enabling you to make the required decision.

When you integrate the two aspects together, you won’t necessarily need to involve an additional tool to visualize your Google ads data.

If you are looking for a quick way to extract deeper insights from your data, the Sankey diagram is the best option. The chart offers multiple levels of viewing your data, thus enabling you to extract in-depth insights. As a result, it saves much of your time and gives reliable information.


A Sankey diagram is an effective approach that data analysts and business owners can use to visualize the flow of the data and extract in-depth information. The chart offers additional features that make data visualization and interpretation an easy task which saves time and generates reliable summaries.

The formation of the Sankey diagram maker has changed the complexity of the chart since you can easily compose it in a matter of minutes.

The Sankey diagram maker is a simple tool that everyone can acquire and utilize in creating an advanced form of data visualization. Data analysts and business owners need to possess additional skills to use the Sankey diagram maker.

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