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A Brief Hatband Guide for Fashionable People to Add a New Dimension to Their Style & Personality

by Nathan Zachary

In the past, people wore hats purely for functional reasons. People invested in hats to protect their head, neck, or face from the scorching heat of the sun, driving rain, or wind gusts. Then we witnessed how hats began to be worn by men and women as a symbol of their social status and class. However, with time, things have undergone a dramatic change. The functional aspect of a hat remaining intact, people wear hats chiefly as a fashion accessory. Hat aficionados love to use hats as a reflection of their personality and style. Fashionable, well-groomed, and trendy people love to wear stunning hats to steal the show wherever they go. 

Hatbands Are the Way to Go

Along with different hats, people are now focusing on gorgeous hat accessories to take their fashion quotient a few notches higher. People started opting for classy and attractive hatbands to infuse a distinctive character to their hats and add a whole new look to their standard hats. Fabric or leather hatbands are very much in vogue in 2022. Even scarves in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs may be used to act as hatbands to stand out from the rest. Hatbands look like narrow belts draping around the bottom of the crown touching the brim of a hat. People often use stunning pins and brooches to accentuate their simple fabric hatbands. Today hat enthusiasts not only have an impressive collection of hats, they even have an assortment of stunning hatbands and other accessories.

Types of Hatbands in a Nutshell

Leather hatbands are known to be the most conventional and may be used as plain or tooled. If you are looking for something stylish but simple, you may choose rich but plain leather hatbands. On the contrary, if you have a fascination for something intricate and elaborate, opt for tooled leather hatbands. The market is swamped with a plethora of options. You may choose striking felt hatbands in vibrant color tones. Your best choice for the hot summer months is the straw hatbands available in natural straw color, or you may opt for attractive colored straw hatbands. According to Arcadia, a more modern option would be metal hatbands. You can choose silver, copper, or brass hatbands, as per your preference, outfit, or occasion. Fabric hatbands are also in vogue and come in various colors and patterns. Moreover, some of the popular choices of hatbands are braided leather, Concho hatbands, and beaded hatbands.

Reasons to Invest In Designer Hat Bands

  • Best for experimenting with your style and look. 
  • Great for breaking the monotony of wearing the same boring or dull hat. 
  • Give a new touch, look, or character to your old hat.
  • Best for theme parties and special gatherings.

How to Choose the Best Hatbands

When you are looking to buy a hatband to go perfectly with your hat and your personality, you should go online to research the trendiest styles. You must not look at hatbands in isolation but consider the kind of hat as well, because both need to complement each other. Some recommendations:

Ask for detailed information: You must ask for as much information as possible when you want to shop for hatbands because you will know better what to buy and from where to get them. The best way to initiate your search is to understand what you like and what you want to achieve so you can choose wisely. When searching online, you must check out the reviews posted by other customers and also visit the specialized online forums set up by hat enthusiasts to get a better idea of what is likely to work in your favor. If you have family and friends who wear hats, you can ask their opinions too.

Don’t hesitate to visit the hat stores: Even if you are comfortable buying online, it can be a good idea to visit a few hat stores personally. You can get a firsthand feel of the variety available and see and touch them to know more about the quality. You can even carry your hat along and see which hatbands go the best with it for making the best choice. However, few offline retailers can offer the sheer variety that online stores can, so if you like something, you can buy it. However, you must make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work out.

How to Fix Hatbands

Once you have made up your mind regarding the type and style of the hatbands you like, you need to know how to fix them on the hat. Select a clean and dry surface and lay the band flat on it. Place the band on the crown of the hat and if you are satisfied with the placement, slide it down to make it sits securely on the top of the brim. It is a simple process, but you should be happy with its position.


Even though hats are no longer considered mainstream for fashion, there are plenty of opportunities where you can still wear a hat to make a statement. Buying and fixing hatbands is a good method of adding to your style.

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