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A Guide to Installing Carpet Over Underpad

by Nathan Zachary
Carpet Over Underpad

Making your living space much more comfortable and adorable than before is a perfect decision to make. People install carpets and floor coverings to give their homes a more enticing appearance. In order to make it more comfortable, you obviously need to install an underpad beneath your carpet so that it can be more secure, especially for your kids.

With that being said, we have come up with a complete guide to installing carpet over underpads so that you can get a more comfortable environment in your dearest home space. This complete guide will let you install the Best Carpet Underlay in Dubai with some easy steps without wasting your time and money on hiring professionals for its installation.

Easy Steps to Install Carpet Over Underpad

Installing the carpet over the underpad will make your space much softer, cozier, and more comfortable. It will also provide you with some amazing benefits, i.e., it will save your kids from getting injured if they fall while playing. If you follow the mentioned below steps, you can complete the installation process by yourself in no time and can save a lot of money.

1. Do the Measurements Accurately

Before installing the carpet over the underpad, take the measurements of your space appropriately. Because, with no exact measurements, there are a lot of chances to get the carpet either way too short for the required space or way too extra, which, of course, in both cases is a waste of money. So, it is better if you do the measurement properly in the first step.

Take the measurements by using a measuring tape in both horizontal and vertical ways. Then, add a few inches to both the width and length of the carpet so that there will be no chance of getting a short carpet. The extra piece will get stapled or cut off while installing, and your space will become much more cozy and peaceful.

2. Get Your Room Ready For the Installation

Before you start the installation of the underpad or carpet in the space, make it ready to get the installation process done easily. Prepare the room by installing the tackless strip all around the perimeter of your room. With the help of a hammer, secure them with the nails facing towards the wall. Wear a safety glove so that you will not get any injuries while nailing the strips.

3. Place the Underpad

After getting your room prepared, now is the time to lay your underpad. It has a shiny surface that should be placed in an upward direction for a smooth installation process. The underpad ends up with a much shorter width than the carpet. The approximate width of the underpad is 6 feet, which is obviously way too short for the width of your carpet. 

So, you need to have more than a single piece of underpad to cover the width of your entire room flooring. Use duct tape to get it secured at its junctions. Bring it inside of the strip’s edges and staple it around the perimeter.

3. Install the Carpet

Now, after covering the entire floor with an underpad, roll out your carpet and install it to cover the underpad to give your place an attractive look. Install this floor covering by leaving some extra pieces of carpet against each wall. Now trim off that extra piece with a wall trimmer, leaving enough of it to get tucked into the tackless strip.

After that, stretch your carpet to save it from any buckling, which gives your place a dull tone. Use a power stretcher to get this process done. This will give a smooth and cozy look to your floor covering. Stretch it from every direction so that there will be no chance of it buckling from anywhere.

4. Vacuum the Floor 

After you are done with the installation process, seam the strip of carpet with carpet bond tape. This will make your floor covering withstand the heavy foot traffic. It will be better if you roll a steaming roller over it to give it a delicate finishing touch.

Now is the time to get your floor vacuumed. Before that, make sure your carpet is tightly installed so that there will be no wrinkles while vacuuming it. Remove everything from the floor, vacuum it properly, and let your living space have an appealing look.

To Curl Up

Follow the steps outlined above to make your space more comfortable and secure for you and your children. Create an adorable look for your home space by installing carpet over the underpad, making a peaceful environment for yourself in order to get relaxed after a long, hectic day.

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