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Digital Creators vs. Influencers

by Nathan Zachary
Digital Creators vs. Influencers

Surely you think that influencers and content creators are the same, but after reading this blog post, you will realize that they are not. 

Many people use these terms interchangeably, and while they are similar, they are not identical.

So what is the difference between the two?

What do digital creators do?

Digital creators or content creators create content, to put it very simply. Your job is in the name of your position. They create videos, photos, graphics, information resources, blog content, etc., and distribute them through various channels such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, their website, and more. 

Digital creators focus on creating content that engages their audience. How-to guides, “a day in the life” series, tips and tutorials, beautiful photography, and engaging videos are some types of content they know their audience wants to consume.

Your content is professional and of high quality because creating that content is the sole purpose of digital creators. This is why they tend to attract highly engaged audiences, even if they are not that big.

What do influencers do?

Influencers are social media personalities who, again, are in the name of their position; they influence their followers to do or buy something based on what they do or buy. 

These fitness Instagrammers share their favorite protein shakes and workout gear. These beauty gurus link their eyeshadow palettes with discount codes on everything their followers buy. 

Influencers share how they live, promoting the products and services they use along the way.

Digital Creators vs. Influencers

While these two may appear quite similar or even identical, the main difference is in the intent behind their work. Content creators can still influence their audience, and influencers are still creating content.

However, influencers work to convince their followers to buy a brand, product, service, etc., specifically, usually because they receive their incentive or percentage of each sale. 

Alternatively, some influencers may charge a fee per post, depending on the size of their following.

On the other hand, content creators aim to create engaging content that educates and informs their audience. 

They have the power to grow a huge audience, but it’s usually less about the creator and more about the information they share.

Final Thoughts

In your marketing strategy, you can work with one type of creator, but remember that each will produce different results. 

Working with an influencer will result in photos and videos showing your product in action. You pay the influencer a fee based on the size of their audience and the amount of product promotion they do for you.

Working with a content creator gives your business a piece of content that surrounds your brand’s products or services. This could be a blog post, video, podcast episode, etc. Content creators will likely have their payment structure, whether you pay per word, per hour, or project.

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