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AdBlue Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers

by Nathan Zachary

The AdBlue machine consists of two main parts. The first part is a mixing tank where the AdBlue is mixed in. The second part is a pump which transfers the AdBlue to an external storage tank through a double filtration process. Both parts are controlled by pneumatic actuators. The pump controls valves and a protection door. The scales are accurate within 0.3%.

Bluebasic EBR550 plant

The Bluebasic EBR550 plant is a self-contained, containerized solution designed to produce AdBlue (r) in compliance with ISO 22241 standards. It has a maximum capacity of 5,500 L/Day and is easy to transport. AdBlue is an environmentally safe product that reduces harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel engines. The unit is certified by the VDA and is completely safe for people and the environment.

The Bluebasic EBR550 plant uses a PLC system that allows the operator to monitor the machine remotely. The PLC can connect to the internet, which allows engineers to check the machine’s health from a distance. The system also includes an IBC tank on weight scales, a circulation pump, and a spray nozzle. The spray nozzle requires compressed air to operate. The machine also features an intelligent touch screen, which starts unattended if necessary and displays a single batch output.

The AdBlue making plant uses advanced technologies and can meet strict environmental standards. It can produce as much as five thousand litres per day, depending on the capacity and equipment. AdBlue is a high-purity urea solution that is safe to use and does not pose a health risk to vehicles. The substance is also used in making some engineering plastics, and nitrogen fertiliser.

The Bluebasic EBR550 plant for AdBlue machine is fully automated and is capable of producing up to 10 tons of Adblue an hour. The machine can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs. Depending on the application, the Bluebasic EBR550 plant for AdBlue machine can include a dispenser pipe, an IBC tank, a pump, and a Reverse Osmosis system. It also uses an SCR catalyst that is highly sensitive to impurities. The SCR catalyst can damage the engine if it is not made of good quality.

The Bluebasic EBR550 plant for AdBlue is a popular choice for small to medium-sized businesses. With an efficient AdBlue solution, you can help reduce the emissions from diesel engines. The solution is manufactured by Yara, which is the world’s largest producer of AdBlue. It is used to remove harmful NOx from diesel engines. Yara’s plants can remove half a million tons of NOx each year, which is enough to clean the combined road transport sector of Germany. The company has plants in both Germany and Ukraine, which help it meet the demand for AdBlue.

Wilton Machinery

Wilton Machinery is a trusted and renowned manufacturer of AdBlue machines, production lines, and windshield washer fluid. Founded in 1951, the company started out as a distributor of automotive supplies and later expanded into the manufacturing of automotive fluids. Its first product was a clamp made from pearlitic castings with a tensile strength of 80,000 pounds.

Shine India Technology & Co

In India, Shine India Technology & Co. is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of AdBlue Def and Technical Grade Urea, and also offers various other products for diesel exhaust fluid production. Their products range from AdBlue Def making machines to DEF and urea, as well as a variety of other products related to this product.

Shine India Solutions Private Limited (SISH) is a privately-held company that was incorporated on 19 July 2010. It is a private company with a 20.0% paid-up capital and is a part of the technology industry. Its main business is Business Services. Its revenue in 2010 was over $29 million.

The company has been involved in the manufacturing of truck bodies and trailers for over four decades. Their extensive line of products includes Tippers, Dumpers, and platform trailers. Each product is built using the highest quality steel and offers maximum strength. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in the results of their long-term customer relationships.


Yara is one of the leading producers of AdBlue, a chemical that helps vehicles reduce air pollution. It contains high-purity synthetic urea and is used in vehicles that use selective catalytic reduction. The company has four production facilities in Europe. Despite the recent crisis in Ukraine, Yara’s production capacity remains unaffected.

AdBlue is a liquid that reduces harmful emissions from diesel engines. It is a 32,5 percent solution of synthetic urea in water, and is considered safe for use. AdBlue produced by Yara conforms to ISO 22241 standards to ensure the safety of users and the environment. If it is mixed incorrectly, it can cause a number of problems in vehicles, and can lead to expensive repairs.

Yara is the world’s largest producer of AdBlue. The company has roots dating back to 1905 and operates one of the largest AdBlue plants in Europe. This ensures high product quality, as its production facilities are ISO-certified. In addition, its Air1(r) is fully compliant with ISO 22241 and DIN 70070, and exceeds strict standards to ensure the quality of its output.

The company has a dedicated fleet of vans that deliver AdBlue to distribution centres and points of sale. This helps customers to minimize lead times and react quickly to stock resupply. This also means that inventory management and working capital management is more effective. The company also has a variety of AdBlue machines to choose from.

It is important to keep AdBlue equipment clean and free from dirt. AdBlue tanks should be thoroughly inspected to ensure their integrity. Never mix AdBlue with other materials. The substance can get slippery and affect brickwork and concrete surfaces. If it gets on your skin or eyes, wash it immediately with tap water.

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